LA Thieves owner Nadeshot has publicly blasted Activision Blizzard’s lack of efforts around Vanguard, shows regret at buying into CDL.

Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag was one of the loudest supporters of the Call of Duty esports scene. That's remained the case as he got 100 Thieves into the Call of Duty League through the LA Thieves. However, things are a bit different now. Nadeshot has now been a vocal critic of the CDL despite being an owner, publicly blasting Activision Blizzard for both the structure and frequency of competition in the league.

Why does Nadeshot think he's a "fool?"

While he's gone on record before about this very topic, he's again taken to social media to blast their efforts. Specifically, in this case, their lack of effort. There has yet to be any Call of Duty Vanguard competition despite the game releasing in November. This seems to be a case of the release schedule that Activision wants to stick to for the holiday season and the plans of the esports side of Activision not lining up.

Call of Duty arguably has the most entertaining, outspoken & personable players out of any esports community. Storylines and rivalries that literally span across a DECADE," Nadeshot said on Twitter. "Vanguard releases and the league says, "you're not allowed to compete on stream together until February."

Nadeshot went further, saying that he feels like a "fool" after begging his investors to spend the money on the LA Thieves.

Indeed, the lack of content around the League has led to a complete lack of Call of Duty content, as Nadeshot rightly points out:

How to fix the lack of Vanguard content

The suggested fix, letting players stream their scrims, has been met with mixed reactions from pros and content creators. While some said that it would help keep interest in the game alive, especially on the esports side, others wanted to maintain a competitive edge. The argument there seems to be players should be paid to play not to stream and be entertaining.

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