MW3 February 21 Patch Notes: All you need to know cover image

MW3 February 21 Patch Notes: All you need to know

Changes galore in this update.

MW3’s February 21 Patch has tackled a lot of the issues plaguing the Call of Duty landscape. Fear not, flying Superman-like hackers will be no more.

There’s a long list of changes to get through. From Multiplayer tweaks to Zombie game mode shifts, the COD devs have made massive changes in the late February update. Warzone also saw a massive collection of changes today. Hopefully, MW3 and Warzone's hacking problem might have just been quashed with this update.

All MW3 February 21 Patch Notes Season 2

(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)

Over 6000 cheaters have been banned, according to Team RICOCHET. To keep cheating to an absolute minimum, RICOCHET has removed the following:

  • Super Speed
  • Other Limited Time Perks


Bug Fixes

  • Relocated Dragon Scales Camo from the Special category to the Event category.
  • Corrected placeholder Tracer name for the TAQ Evolvere Crocodile Blueprint.
  • Addressed an issue preventing the Fire Breather skin for the Wheelson-HS (Killstreak) from appearing.


UIX Bug Fixes

  • Resolved various issues causing the player to be unexpectedly kicked back to the menu.
  • Viewing the Horde Hunt Event.
  • Editing Custom Mods in the Gunsmith.
  • Equipping Emblems at the last-chance Battle Pass prompt.
  • Saving a Custom Mod in the Gunsmith will no longer remove certain Camos.
  • Killstreak icons on the HUD will no longer turn red after dying to a Cruise Missile.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Field of View will no longer be set higher than intended upon map infiltration.

Progression Bug Fixes

  • Corrected criteria for multiple Challenges to properly track progression.
  • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit unlock challenge.
  • “Operator Kills without the enemy damaging you” camo challenge.


(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)


  • Adjusted spawn points to prevent players from respawning outside of the playable area in Headquarters.



  • In the transition period to the Final Round, the incorrect team will no longer be identified as Defending.


  • Resolved an issue preventing the flag capture point from spawning in overtime.

Team Gun Game

  • Addressed an issue causing players to become stuck without a Weapon.


  • Fixed an issue causing the player to lose control after using a Turret and Smoke Airdrop simultaneously.

Weapons and Attachments

Assault Rifles

  • MTZ-556
    • Decreased initial gun kick while firing.
    • Decreased recoil while firing.
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 34.3m to 36.8m (+7%).
    • Increased medium damage range from 41.9m to 47m (+12%).


  • Haymaker
  • JAK Maglift Kit
    • Decreased aim down sight spread by 20%.
    • Increased rate of fire from 357rpm to 500rpm (+40%).
    • Decreased damage pellet count from 8 to 5 (-38%).
    • Restricted the use of Ammunition Attachments.

Sniper Rifles

  • Longbow
  • Pro-99 Long Barrel
    • Increased aim down sight time from 550ms to 580ms (+5%).
  • JAK Tyrant 762 Kit
    • Restricted the use of Magazine, Ammunition, and Bolt Attachments.
    • These Attachments were not intended to be compatible with this Conversion Kit and were thus non-functional when equipped.


  • TYR
  • JAK Beholder Rifle Kit
    • Decreased movement speed penalty from 10% to 8% (-2%).
    • Decreased sprint speed penalty from 20% to 8% (-12%).
    • Decreased bullet velocity benefit from 100% to 50% (-50%).


  • Canted Lasers
    • Canted aiming will no longer remove all pellet spread on Shotguns.


  • Shock Stick (Tactical)
  • Tactical Camera and Portable Radar Field Upgrades are now affected by enemy Shock Sticks.

Field Upgrades

  • Trophy System
    • Ally Bomb Drones no longer be targeted and destroyed.


  • Guardian-SC
  • Addressed an issue preventing the movement speed penalty from properly applying to affected players.

Ranked Play


  • Killstreaks
    • Addressed an issue where Cruise Missiles would explode mid-air if the player controlling the missile was killed.


(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)


  • Zombies
    • Aether Worms: Addressed an issue where players would become stuck in the air if they were tossed by an Aether Worm as it was defeated.


Wonder Weapons

  • V-R11
    • Addressed an issue that prevented XP from being granted when killing specific Zombie enemy types with a Pack-A-Punched V-R11.


  • Tonfa
    • Addressed an issue that unintentionally prevented the Pack-A-Punched Tonfa from dealing its intended damage.


  • Addressed an issue that forced players into a loop when selecting the ‘Full Stop Blackcell’ TAQ Evolvere or ‘Grume Blackcell’ DM-56 Blueprints in Insured Weapon slots.
  • Addressed an issue that removed attachments with Skins from weapons in Insured Weapon slots when players added them to a loadout.


  • Added various crash and stability fixes.

Players now game freely, without being sniped from the sky. These updates won't make your aim any better, so don't expect too much.

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