MW2 spawns have annoyed pretty much everyone, including pros cover image

MW2 spawns have annoyed pretty much everyone, including pros

Most of the competitive maps are affected.

Ever since the most recent update to Modern Warfare 2, which went live on December 14, players at every level are finding changes to the spawn system difficult to grasp.

MW2 uses a squad-spawn system. Infinity Ward designed this system to spawn players far enough away from danger that they have a reasonable chance to make a play in each life.

Hotel is one of the worst-affected maps with the new MW2 spawns.
Hotel is one of the worst-affected maps with the new MW2 spawns.

That is turning out not to be the case in the new update. Rogue spawns are now commonplace and are clearly worse on maps such as Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Breenbergh Hotel.

Lots of people are incredibly unhappy with the current state of the game and the way that it plays as a result of the spawn system.

What the spawns look like

Boston Breach substitute player Ben "Beans" McMellon has been openly showing off these interesting spawn situations on Twitter for a few days.

This example from Hotel shows the spawn system not working properly. Instead of the members of the team in blue all spawning together, they get a split spawn, opening up a pinch opportunity that shouldn't exist.

Although present on all of the maps that are being played in the competitive rotation, it's clear that it's worse on Hotel and Hydro.

This example from Hydro defies the logic of squad spawns spawning players away from danger with number four in blue spawning right in the path of six in red.

It seems as though parallel spawns are in place where dying means that players spawn on the opposite side of the map to where they died. This works in theory but throws up so many situations where you are spawning near or next to players from the other team.

"Spawns are not problematic"

One of the most frustrating aspects of the situation for players is that the developers don't seem to believe anything is wrong. Atlanta FaZe main man Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat alluded to just that on Twitter.

SlasheR also went on to complain that the game is one that can no longer be perfected. This is because of Infinity Ward's reliance on randomness and a spawn system that is impossible to read.

"I learned in the MW (2019) season... to chalk up some things as unlucky. So unlucky," Liddicoat said on Twitter. "Sucks we no longer play something that can be perfected."

The way the system had been in previous years was to have defined areas of maps where players could spawn.

"Either you could read every spawn or it was legit human error," SlasheR continued. "Now you just throw your hands up in the air sometimes because there’s nothing you can do."

Not geared towards competitive

All of this clearly points towards Infinity Ward's focus on casual players. Their games are absolutely, unequivocally, not geared toward competitive gameplay.

Multiple pros have called out the state of the game with the current system. It's highly unusual that pro players would do that during the season. Complaining about the game on social media usually leads to pros getting handed fines.

Don "Temp" Laroda and Zack "Drazah" Jordan are two of the players to have voiced their grievances. Drazah went as far as to call the game "horrible" in its current state.

The issues were even seen during the Challengers Open at the Major 1 tournament in Raleigh. The Challengers players were playing on the new patch that came out on the Wednesday of the week of the event. The Pro tournament was played on the old patch.

The spawns have become completely unreadable. Having the opportunity to dictate spawns is historically a vital aspect of competitive Call of Duty in respawn modes. Having the current MW2 spawns will drive players away from the game, with players growing increasingly frustrated at the gameplay on offer.

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