COD devs target mouse and keyboard aim assist software with Ricochet update  cover image

COD devs target mouse and keyboard aim assist software with Ricochet update 

Aim assist is for controller users only.

As of today, MW3 and Warzone players are no longer allowed to use aim assist while donning a mouse and keyboard.

The watchful eye of Call of Duty’s anti-cheat Ricochet set on making console gaming an easier endeavor. Thanks to Ricochet, console gamers won't have to worry about mouse and keyboard players using controller tricks against them.

Mouse, keyboard, and aim assist COD details 

(Image via Sledgehammer games)
(Image via Sledgehammer games)

Mouse and keyboard COD players donning tools to produce aim assist will now face bans, according to a CODUpdates X post. These users will be removed from their MW3, MW2, and Warzone matches as soon as software is detected.

After a series of ejections from any of COD's titles, the player will then potentially face a ban. Or in CODUpdates words, potentially suffer “further account action.” Fear not mouse and keyboard COD players, it shouldn't impact you if you're not using aim assist software.

This has been a welcomed change by some members of the COD player base. A collection of gamers called the mixture of aim assist and M&K gaming “cheating,” with a large portion of Warzone players celebrating the crackdown.

However, others in the community believe Ricochet isn't taking the punishments far enough. COD fans noted the multiple chances that aim assist abusers receive. Despite being seen as cheating by members of the community, and it seems the COD devs themselves, these cheaters still receive multiple chances. Players claimed this method of deterrence is “incredibly soft on cheaters,” and believe the devs should take a harsher approach.

With that being said, the Ricochet team has undoubtedly been taking cheating seriously. The devs implemented new ways to deter cheaters through methods like in-game hallucinations, and have a kernel-level anti-cheat required to play.

Let’s just hope this change manages to deter aim assist using mouse and keyboard gamers for good. 

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