Minnesota ROKKR star Afro had to play with a spare controller in their first match of Major 2 in Boston, but that didn’t chalk the team vibe.

Minnesota ROKKR SMG Marcus "Afro" Reid said that "vibes are flowing" for his team following their victory in the first match of Call of Duty League Major 2.

ROKKR beat defending champions New York Subliners 3-2, winning the series on the last map. ROKKR took the series in a Neslo fashion, winning both SnDs and Control.

"Vibes are flowing," Afro told Esports.gg. "It’s a good win. It’s about f**king time. Last year was in f**king shambles, but this year I am f**king here."

Afro and Attach beat NYSL 3-2 after a slow start (Image via Ant Stonelake)
Afro and Attach beat NYSL 3-2 after a slow start (Image via Ant Stonelake)

Fellow ROKKR star Dillion "Attach" Price said that the win against NYSL is the perfect boost to team confidence. Subliners won the Major 1 tournament in Raleigh in December. They will now play London Royal Ravens in the first round of the lower bracket of Major 2.

"It’s a big big win, especially because at the last LAN, we didn’t win an SnD on main stage," Attach said. "To win two like that and to know that we can win like that is a huge confidence boost for the rest of the weekend. To beat the reigning champs too is always good."

New York Subliners versus Minnesota ROKKR (Image via Minnesota ROKKR)
New York Subliners versus Minnesota ROKKR (Image via Minnesota ROKKR)

"It’s really simple – the game is really simple."

Afro has been the x-factor for ROKKR in Search and Destroy so far this season, and his ability to perform has gone a long way to improve their performance on LAN.

"I honestly don’t know [why I've been good]," Afro added. "The last Modern Warfare, I was really good at Search in that game. It was slow and you had to wait for Dead Silence.

"It’s really simple – the game is really simple. You know where they are going to be off spawn and you know the routes they are going to take. It benefits me because I liked MW."

The series was difficult for ROKKR after going down a map after Hotel Hardpoint opened the series. ROKKR controlled the start of the map well, but allowed spawns for P2 and P3 to slip away from them.

"The team was looking good and then when it came to after P2, they chained P2 and P3 together, and that’s when it just sort of blew up," Afro said. "We were in control for the middle of the game and then they just came and took it at the end."

NYSL will begrudge being forced to play the first game of the day in Boston at Major 2. They were unable to get into Boston until late on Thursday night because of travel complications that happened with a lot of players in the Call of Duty League.

ROKKR also suffered from the complications, with their luggage not even being in the city of Boston yet. This also lead to Afro having to use a spare controller.

"We got here okay, but our bags aren’t here," he said. "I packed one controller in my bag, but it’s a really shit controller. It was an awful pad – a new one which was really stiff. Hopefully, my pad comes tomorrow. It’s on a flight right now so it should be here in time for Saturday."

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