Mid-February MW3 update tackles crashes and introduces shotgun buffs cover image

Mid-February MW3 update tackles crashes and introduces shotgun buffs

Bug fixes galore for Valentine’s Day.

The Call of Duty dev's opening weeks for MW3’s Season 2 haven’t been an entirely smooth ride. Fortunately, the mid-February MW3 update is here to fix some of the issues gamers have been bumping into.

Crash fixes, issues with UIX, and weaponry woes take up a large portion of the February 13 update. If we’re lucky, there shouldn't be too many bugs left to interrupt gameplay.

Not only that, but the Striker 9 has received a significant damage and recoil buff, now making it more likely to infuriate your opponents.

What did the mid-February MW3 update fix?

(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)

No longer will MW3 players be kicked to the main menu after viewing prestige calling cards, filtering locked operator challenges, or removing options from quick settings thanks to the update.

Also, if you’ve been frozen in Call of Duty thanks to previewing weapon completionist rewards or had your controller inputs cease to function after using the activate armory unlock prompt, your prayers have been answered. 

Players who’ve ventured into the offline modes in MW3 no longer crash when selecting a weapon or operator. Players who’ve experienced crashes in their Zombie endeavors can expect to be ejected from the game significantly less often.

Multiplayer’s field upgrades also copped a significant and permanent blow thanks to the mid-February update. Players can no longer equip on Loadouts due to them being “utilized to reach exploitable locations,”— you brought this upon yourselves. For those who had Loadouts equipped previously, you’ll now spawn with an ammo box instead.

Extra details

Here are some extra details within the MW3 patch notes:

  • Sub Base is still out of the ranked map pool, now being reflected as such in the patch notes. 
  • Changes to weapons like:
    • WSP Stinger
    • Longbow
    • TAQ Evolvere
  • An issue preventing Lethal Equipment from being equipped when using Assassin Vest has been fixed
  • Hipfire crosshair sway has been removed for No Stock users
  • Progression reward increases in Ranked

Any issues that stick around are being reviewed by the COD dev team. After each patch there tends to be problems making themselves known, and the devs seem to be all over them.

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