Los Angeles Guerillas are ready to embrace the villain role against Boston Breach cover image

Los Angeles Guerillas are ready to embrace the villain role against Boston Breach

“I like when people are against me. It fires me up.”

The Los Angeles Guerillas (LAG) are on the board at Boston Major 2. After falling to their rival Toronto Ultra on day one, day two provided a bounce-back spot. The CDL Challengers call-ups Exceed, JoeDeceives, and Assault, plus the veteran Arcitys took down the Las Vegas Legion in a close series.

A crucial three-piece from Assault marked a pivotal moment

LAG was in a 0-2 hole to start the series despite a couple of close maps. Map three was do-or-die for Guerillas, and it created an astronomical comeback. In the fifth round of El Asilo Control, a three-piece by Assault opened the door.

“I was already at A,” said Assault. “Everyone was kind of saying chalk it, but I could only backtrack. I was like, alright, screw it, let’s see if I can make something happen. It was probably lucky timing.” JoeDeceives added, “We were saying chalk it, and then I saw three people go down in the [kill] feed. I was like, what just happened?”

Exceed added, “When he got those kills, I knew it was over. As soon as he got the A point, it was done.”

Los Angeles Guerillas proceeded to dispatch the Legion in game four before bringing it down to the pivotal game five, Search and Destroy.

Exceed believes LAG is a top-five SnD team in MW2

The Legion has become infamous for its outstanding Search and Destroy gameplay. Regardless, LAG took the game five SnD map quite convincingly. Esports.GG asked Exceed if he felt the pressure was on Vegas going into the final match.

“They’re a good SnD team, but I genuinely believe that we are a top-five SnD team right now,” said Exceed. “It’s just a matter of us closing out situations. We knew they were a great team. Those were their good maps, and we had our good maps, so we knew if we closed out our situations, we’d win those maps.”

Exceed and JoeDeceives talk about getting the call-up to the main Los Angeles Guerillas roster

LAG underwent a significant change early in the season. The team saw Huke leave, and Neptune and Spart move to a substitute role. That created an opportunity for Assault, Exceed, and JoeDeceives to move to the CDL roster. Exceed and JoeDeceives told us about the experience.

“I actually only been in Challengers for a month, so I didn’t really battle through anything,” said JoeDeceives. “We won two out of the three tournaments we played, and it was pretty expected. There wasn’t much adversity for me, to be honest. Being in the League is a lot more adverse for me, a lot more work, and you have to prove more.”

Exceed expanded on the comment as a player who has battled through Challengers for some time.

“For me, you know, it’s people that I’ve grown up watching and playing against. Working your way out of Challengers is one of the hardest things you can do,” Exceed told Esports.GG. “When you get back on the main stage, you feel that your hard work has paid off. You want to keep getting better, and you want to win. I’m just trying to show everyone what Challengers players can do.”

Los Angeles Guerillas is ready to embrace the villain role

The crowd in Boston leaned heavily toward the Las Vegas Legion and Clayster in particular. We asked LAG how it felt to be the villains and if they’re ready to do the same against the Boston Breach tomorrow.

“I had a fan in the front row flipping me off, saying ‘kid, you suck,’ and I love it,” said Exceed. “It fuels me.”

JoeDecieves added, “I like when people are against me. It fires me up.”

LAG takes on Boston Breach in Elimination Bracket round two in a win-or-go-home match. This young roster is relishing at the moment on the main stage at Boston Major 2.

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