Is Zombies mode coming to Modern Warfare 2? cover image

Is Zombies mode coming to Modern Warfare 2?

“Shredding zombies with modern weapons?”

Zombies mode may be returning to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

A MW2 player has noticed in-game assets that point to the addition of the classic mode. This comes as a surprise to the Call of Duty community since Zombies has never been in a Modern Warfare game.

Zombies is one of the most iconic modes in Call of Duty. Featuring waves of zombies with various abilities and a cast of colorful characters, the mode has always been a favorite since it was introduced as a bonus level in World at War. Will it finally make its way to the MW2 landscape?

A Call of Duty fan took to Reddit to point out that it seemed to be among the playlist assets. Capture the Flag, Control, Bounty, and Capture the Flag are among the modes pictured. But what really caught their attention was a mode called "Round Based Zombies."

A lot of Call of Duty players were quite intrigued by the image, hoping that Zombies would make its way to MW2 since it will be around for two years or more. Others felt it would be a cool take on the classic mode thanks to Modern Warfare 2's setting. It was also exciting to speculate how Infinity Ward would go about Zombies mode.

"Shredding zombies with modern weapons? Hell yeah, [I] want to try it out," said one player.

Of course, developers have not officially announced Zombies mode. It's possible that it's a leftover assest, left over and set to be removed from the files. It could also be a placeholder for Defender, a confirmed new game mode that Infinity Ward is calling a "love letter to fans of survival modes."

For now, it's unclear if Zombies will be coming to MW2 or not. But fans are keeping their fingers crossed.