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How to fix NIAMEY – LEE error in MW2

The NIAMEY – LEE error in MW2 has players confused and concerned, but thankfully there’s an easy fix to prevent any lost data.

A recent update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is hitting players with an unexpected error message. The MW2 error is labeled NIAMEY - LEE and states that your data is corrupt or didn't download properly. You can choose to reset your rank and unlocks to continue or deny the reset completely. The latter sends you back to the starting screen with no way of playing MW2. The error message doesn't go into detail on why its happening, which will more than likely give you a bit of a scare.

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Several unlockable rewards are available through the campaign. And many players have them all after finishing the story during Early Access. Naturally, the message of resetting all unlocks has them worried about their progress. Have no fear, as there is a workaround to ensure your data remains intact. It requires you to agree and take a trip to the Settings menu.

How to fix the NIAMEY - LEE data corruption error in MW2

This is what the NIAMEY - LEE error message looks like (Image via
This is what the NIAMEY - LEE error message looks like (Image via

Follow these steps to fix the NIAMEY - LEE error in MW2:

  • Select Yes when the error message appears
  • Cancel out of the installation to reach a locked campaign screen
  • Press the Settings menu button on your respective peripheral
  • Navigate to the Quick Settings option
  • Exit Quick Settings to find the Campaign Early Access notification
  • Select Continue to access the campaign with all of your progress still available

Infinity Ward tweeted the workaround out themselves and stated a true fix will come in a future update. Until that update arrives, do the above any time the NIAMEY - LEE error message pops up when you start MW2. Always go look through the campaign to make sure the fix occurred. Double check that every unlocked reward and completed mission appears as such and you're golden.

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