The Florida Mutineers are the latest esports organization to jump on the NFT hype bandwagon.

The Florida Mutineers launched an eco-friendly NFT in partnership with Fanaply to celebrate reaching Call of Duty's postseason.

Florida Mutineers Partner With Fanaply

Photo Credit: Fanaply
Photo Credit: Fanaply

Fresh off a successful CDL season, the Mutineers are celebrating their first Call of Duty Champs appearance with a limited edition NFT. Partnering with Fanaply, the Mutineers have minted 150 digital collectibles to collect starting August 16th.

Fans will be able to collect the token for free by sharing the link to the NFT landing page or by purchasing items from the Submerged product line. Fans will be able to buy, sell, and trade the tokens on the Fanaply website or on a secondary market after they are distributed.

Misfits Gaming Group' CRO Lagen Nash is excited to let fans be a, "part of historic moment" with this crypto drop.

In this partnership with Fanaply, we’re enabling fans to do just that by offering an ultra-accessible opportunity to own a digital reflection of this inaugural moment in Florida Mutineer history.

Lagen Nash CRO of MIsfits Gaming Group

While NFTs are cool, there are serious ecological concerns about the digital tokens. Fanaply plans to address these concerns by reducing the companies' reliance on blockchain transactions.

What are NFTs and How do They Work?

NFTs have gained in popularity recently, but are still a niche platform. How do they work? Why are they relevant? Should I buy in? Is it Dogecoin? These are all common questions that we can answer!

NFTs (Non-fungible-tokens) are essentially digital receipts certifying that you own a digital good. Goods are usually minted in order with a limited amount made. For example, the Florida Mutineers minted 150 NFT tokens, and are releasing them digitally to own.

Most NFTs use cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum to power their transactions. NFT games like ZED (digital horse racing) is a prime example. These decentralized communities can have a serious impact on the environment due to how much computing power they require.

During the crypto boom, NFTs gained popularity with collectible games like NBA Topshot and Cryptokitties. Whether you should buy/sell NFTs are entirely up to you, but each NFT is unique with their value dictated by a volatile market.

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