In a contest of skill and hottakes only one team will reign supreme at the end of Cod Champs 2021. But can our two experts predict the outcome of the tournament?

The 2021 Call of Duty Championship is just around the corner and we could not contain our excitement. Over the course of the season we have seen some truly spectacular players and moments unfold before our very eyes. All of which is leading us towards the final showdown as eight of the twelve teams will be battle it out this weekend to claim the title of World Champions at the CDL Champs 2021.

To kick things off we decided to pit our two experts, Maverick and Zaarin, against one another as they make their predictions on who they believe will be walking away with the rings at the end of CDL Champs 2021.

Predictions for CDL Champs 2021: Zaarin vs Maverick

Zaarin's Predictions

  1. Dallas Empire
    1. The defending champions are for some reason being heavily overlooked. They have had their struggles this season, but they are still a very scary team to play. Their core three will find a way to repeat as champions for the first time in COD Esports.
  2. Atlanta FaZe
    1. One of the best teams in Call of Duty history have a chance to cement their legacy forever. Their 3 major wins and overall record of 34-7 mean absolutely nothing to them if they can’t get the job done this weekend. In shocking fashion, I believe the favorites will fall short.
  3. Toronto Ultra
    1. Toronto is more than capable of taking the trophy home. If they hit their mid tournament stride as seen in the past, they can beat anyone. Matchups against Atlanta or Dallas will be detrimental to their tournament run.
  4. New York Subliners
    1. Clayster will be attempting to secure a record fourth championship ring. It will absolutely give his Subliners squad a boost this weekend. Their bracket is a very ugly one and they’d likely have to meet up with Dallas or Toronto in the lower bracket. Clay will have to wait another year.
  5. Minnesota Rokkr
    1. Rokkr shocked the COD world with their historic Stage 5 Major victory. They clearly have improved since the switch to LAN. Although, their journey will be a lot tougher this time around. They won’t be able to pull off another miracle at COD Champs.
  6. Florida Mutineers
    1. Florida has shown signs of great things, especially in the latter half of the year. But their struggles at major events have been an ongoing problem. Their youth and inexperience will hurt big time, and there are just too many better teams along the way.
  7. OpTic Chicago
    1. This one may be a shocker. However, I am a full believer in the COD Champs OpTic curse. There’s just something about the green white and black colors that smells like disappointment on the game’s biggest stage. I see a double first round exit for the Greenwall.
  8. LA Thieves
    1. The Thieves have probably had the most bizarre season in CDL history. The constant roster changes throughout the year have yet to pay off and they won’t start now. They will have an ugly matchup regardless of who they play and may not even win a map.

Maverick's Predictions

  1. OpTic Chicago
    1. OpTic could not have found their stride at a more crucial time. Despite many favouring FaZe to win it all this weekend, I truly believe that this OpTic squad have the makings of a true championship calibre team.
  2. Atlanta FaZe
    1. To say that FaZe are the favourites to win it all would be an understatement. However, I feel that the cracks in their illustrious armour began to show themselves in Stage 5. I’m confident that they’ll make the final, but it will be a lot more difficult for them than people care to admit.
  3. Minnesota Rokkr
    1. If Rokkr have taught us one thing this season it is that you can never count anyone out of a series. While I believe that they have the potential to make a good run for the Championship I just feel that they will be hard-pressed to replicate their fairy tale performance from the Stage 5 Major.
  4. Toronto Ultra
    1. Toronto is on the road to redemption after their devastating loss to Rokkr in the Stage 5 Major. While they should be able to notch a few wins against whoever they come up against this weekend, I just think that that is too big of a loss to comeback from.
  5. Dallas Empire
    1. Dallas is a tough team to predict. They have a squad that can beat anyone yet have been plagued with inconsistency. They could very well prove me wrong, however I don’t see them defending their crown this time around.
  6. Florida Mutineers
    1. Florida have more-or-less been a team that has just been happy to keep to themselves. Though they start in the lower bracket they should be able to at least stave off instant elimination.
  7. LA Thieves
    1. It seems that things are starting to click for this LA Thieves roster at long last. Unlike OpTic however, I feel that this is a “too little, too late” scenario for them.
  8. New York Subliners
    1. The Subliners truly are a shadow of the team that we came to love at the start of the season. Though Clayster is back in the line-up, I don’t think that his presence will be enough for them to defy expectation this time.

Closing remarks:

And there you have it. Our experts have made their predictions for where they think each of the eight teams will finish. Whether they are spouting wisdom or shear nonsense remains to be seen. Either way we are all looking forward to the COD Champs festivities, which will get underway on August 19 at 12pm PST/3pm EST.

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