Some big names in there

The Esports World Cup features a long list of games and a massive prize pools and top teams. One of the first tournaments that will take place at the Esports World Cup is the Warzone event. Today, ESWC announced the talent list for the Esports World Cup.

Esports World Cup Warzone Talent announced

Here’s the list of the talent announced for the Esports World Cup Warzone:

  • Barney Banks ( Stage Host)
  • Reflections (Desk Host)
  • Dreamcrazzy (Analyst)
  • Nfinity (Analyst)
  • Cmoore (Analyst)
  • Gojj (Analyst)
  • Dandro (Caster)
  • Enigma (Caster)
  • Iholdshift (Caster)
  • Puckett (Interviewer)

The Esports World Cup Warzone kicks off on July 3, 2024. The tournament runs for four days and will come to an end on the 6th. Fans can watch the event live on Twitch. With Barney Banks as the Stage Host, fans will be eagerly viewing the event for some top-notch action. A long list of Analysts and casters and the four days of action will be an exciting few days. 

All matches for the event will take place on Resurgence. In the solo Seeding stage, all teams are split into three groups of solos with seven teams each. The round-robin format will have eight matches in total. The top fourteen teams advance to Finals. The Finals will have eight matches.

The tournament has a million-dollar prize pool and takes place on the Trios Resurgence. The team that receives the first place will get $200,000 in prize money while the next best team will receive $150,000.