Dataminer uncovers proof of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cover image

Dataminer uncovers proof of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty players were skeptical yet hopeful about the possibility of Ranked Play coming to MW2. It’s looking like a possibility.

Data miners have uncovered more information on how Ranked Play will look in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

For months, the Call of Duty community has been speculating the possibility of a Ranked Play mode coming to MW2. While the original Modern Warfare in 2019 didn't have Ranked Play, players felt hopeful about Modern Warfare 2 since the last two games have finally included a more structured competitive mode.

Then, prominent leaker GhostOfHope dropped the bomb in July, 2022, stating that Ranked Play would be coming soon after the game's launch. It was looking like it would be implemented in Season 1, giving Call of Duty players a lot of hope.

After that, however, it was mostly silent regarding the possibility of Ranked Play. Until now.

A data miner known as Name_less on Twitter has announced that Ranked Play strings have been found in Modern Warfare 2's files. And what they saw, gave some insight into how its competitive mode will look.

The strings have been copied onto a website for all the Call of Duty community check out. By looking at all of the strings of code, Call of Duty players speculate that MW2's Ranked Play will be very similar to the same system used in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This would make sense since Treyarch was in charge of Vangaurd's Ranked Play and is helping out on MW2 as well.

In Modern Warfare 2, however, the competitive mode will be called League Play instead. There will also be the addition of achievements, meaning players may earn rewards of some type while playing the League Play mode.

Here are some of the strings:

  • leagueplay
  • mp/leagueplayprogression.ddl
  • iw9_leagueplay_update_skill_rating
  • iw9_leagueplay_skill_rating
  • iw9_leagueplay_match_id
  • iw9_leagueplay_sr_penalty
  • iw9_leagueplay_hot_streak_cooldown_s
  • iw9_leagueplay_event_season
  • iw9_leagueplay_new_skill_division
  • iw9_leagueplay_on_ladder
  • iw9_leagueplay_lobby_disconnect
  • iw9_leagueplay_event_type
  • iw9_leagueplay_top250_placement
  • leagueplayxp
  • ae_leagueplay_progression_achievements
  • ae_leagueplay_challenge_achievements

Infinity Ward has yet to officially confirm League Play in Modern Warfare 2. With the game launching on October 28, the Call of Duty community will most likely hear more about the highly anticipated mode in upcoming announcements. For now, fans of the franchise believe that it will be released with Season 1 come November 16, shortly after launch.