College CoD’s first Warzone 2 event is right around the corner.

College CoD is returning to the battle royale genre to celebrate the start of Warzone 2. The Warzone 2 Launch Open will see collegiate teams from around the United States compete in Al Mazrah for the first title of the Warzone 2 season.

The event will take place between Dec. 5-6 and will have two different stages. Every team will compete in more than one match during the round robin stage, allowing for more chances to advance.

With the event taking place on Monday and Tuesday, the College CoD's Warzone Launch Open will not face the same issues that the Modern Warfare 2 Open faced. Teams were forfeiting their matches due to it taking place at the same time as the first Challengers Cup of the season on Nov. 12.


Warzone 2 does not have any custom matches available just yet. Because of this, the CCL is slightly adjusting the Warzone competition format. Instead of 50 teams loading into the same map, it'll be team on team competition in a kill-race style event.

All Warzone 2 action takes place in Al Mazrah.
All Warzone 2 action takes place in Al Mazrah.

Two players from each team will load into the same lobby together and then drop into Battle Royale Quads in Al Mazrah. The team with the most number of eliminations during the map wins that match.

The tournament is split into two days of competition. On Dec. 5, teams will be drawn into round robin groups. Teams will play all of their group games in that single day.

Day two, Dec. 6, will feature a single elimination knockout bracket. Teams will face elimination from the competition as soon as they lose in the bracket.

It's worth noting that players can also compete regardless of the input that they use. Typically in traditional 4v4 competition, players only use controllers.

Players will be able to use either a controller or a keyboard and mouse in the College CoD Warzone 2 Launch Open.


College CoD is providing a $5,000 prize pool for the event. The CCL will hand out prizing to the top four teams at the end of the event. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1st: $2,500
  • 2nd: $1,500
  • 3rd: $500
  • 4th: $500

This is the same amount of money that was available during the Modern Warfare 2 Launch Open.

How to watch

College CoD will be broadcasting the Warzone 2 Launch Open on both days that competition takes place.

Streams will take place on the official College CoD Twitch channel. Exact timings of the event are not yet available.

How to take part

Any college or university student in the United States is eligible to take part providing that they meet the CCL's academic eligibility criteria.

All CCL-eligible players can take part in the Warzone 2 Launch Open.
All CCL-eligible players can take part in the Warzone 2 Launch Open.

This includes being above a 2.0 GPA and remaining in good standing with your educational institution.

There is no limit to the number of teams that an institution can have. If you have the players, a college could, in theory, field 10 teams.

Players must also be enrolled full-time study but may be studying remotely. The full rulebook for the CCL including eligibility can be found here.

Registration for the event is open to signups and will close on Nov. 30. Find the registration form here.

Any additional questions that players may have can be answered in the CCL Discord.

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