College CoD will celebrate the first live National Championship LAN in Columbus after a partnership with Belong Gaming Arenas cover image

College CoD will celebrate the first live National Championship LAN in Columbus after a partnership with Belong Gaming Arenas


College CoD (CCL) partners with Belong Gaming Arenas to host first live National Championship LAN in Columbus

College CoD (CCL), an eFuse division, partners with Belong Gaming Arenas to host the National LAN Playoffs. The event will take place in Columbus, Ohio, on June 11-12 in a World-Class venue. If this wasn't enough to create some hype, there will also be a $25,000 prize pool.

College CoD LAN Nationals

College CoD is a division of eFuse that leads the Collegiate Call of Duty competitive community. With over 265 teams competing from 200 US and Canadian colleges and universities, College CoD brings the professional esports experience to players and fans across many educative institutions.
That is why the National College CoD finals will take place in the same Belong Gaming Arena that in May hosted the Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic. Furthermore, this partnership between Belong Gaming Arenas and College CoD aims to provide an inclusive environment for all gamers.

“The top collegiate players deserve a best-in class LAN experience and by teaming up with Belong Gaming Arenas, we know this event will deliver exactly that”

Matthew Benson, Co-Founder and CEO of eFuse, the parent company of CCL
After high-stakes regional qualifiers, 8 teams made it to the post-season National College CoD finals. Finally, these top 8 teams will compete to see who wins it all and becomes part of Collegiate esports history.

Be part of the College CoD LAN Nationals event

As we mentioned, this event is not only about the players. That is why College CoD and Belong are inviting everyone to be part of this incredible event. Tickets for the Nationals at the Columbus Gaming Arena are already on sale for $25 for both days. The capacity is limited to 100 spectators, so don’t sleep on the opportunity.

“Collegiate competition is a fast-growing segment and an important area for Belong Gaming Arenas as we look to bring elite esports experiences to local neighborhoods across the country."

Wim Stocks, SVP of Partnerships & Commercial, Belong Gaming Arenas.

eFuse the gamers' platform

eFuse is the #1 platform for gamers to meet, compete, and be discovered. Offering a variety of products that include College CoD competitions, among other collegiate projects, eFuse boasts more than 800,000 registered gamers.
With headquarters based in Columbus, eFuse will make everyone feel at home. eFuse has already executed hundreds of competitions with over $1M in opportunities for gamers in the last year.
Once again, stay tuned to for more news and updates.
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