CoD Warzone cheats users beware: You’re gonna go splat… Literally cover image

CoD Warzone cheats users beware: You’re gonna go splat… Literally

Cod Warzone cheats and cheaters beware: You’re going to hit the ground at a rapid pace if you’re caught by the game’s new anti-cheat system.

You know, I've always wanted to play as Wile E. Coyote in a video game. And now, you too can emulate that feeling of being handed an anvil and falling to your doom in Call of Duty! Uh, kind of. Revealed yesterday in a blog post from the anti-cheat team, Ricochet, is a new way to deal with CoD Warzone cheats.

That method? Dropping said cheater to their death by cutting their parachutes! It's evil and engenius. The move is part of a larger initiative of mitigration against cheaters ever getting in the game. According to the blog, "While it’s fun to annoy cheaters that make it into games, our aim is to prevent them from ever getting near a match."

"Prevention is key to the continued evolution of RICOCHET: Anti-Cheat."

In the meantime though, why not have some fun and let the bodies hit the floor.

CoD Warzone cheats, gravity, and you

You might be asking yourself "Self, why are the Call of Duty developers turning potential cheaters into street pizza?" There's a legit reason according to Ricochet when it comes to CoD Warzone cheats. The team needs time to gather data on the naughty user. Booting the cheater from the match is akin to hanging up the phone on a line being traced.

Instead? it's time for some cosplay of Newton's law of universal gravitation!

The parachute cutting will happen “randomly, and for fun,” Team Ricochet said, showing that even sadists have hobbies. I think this also serves a dual purpose of highlighting to your player base that you're attempting to quell CoD Warzone cheats and cheaters.

Better health through gravity

After all, you're going to notice a bunch of people dropping to their deaths. It's like a gameplay sabotage report, but in real time! Or, in some cases you may see bodies just shuffle off this mortal coil and go flying into the air. That too is a feature and not a bug.

“But what if we catch [cheaters] after they’ve deployed? Well, Splat can also adjust player velocity, which transforms a bunny hop into a 10,000-foot drop taking them out instantly,” Team Ricochet said. “This is one of many new tricks we’ve developed—and we’ll talk about more in the future.”

What else is there to say except "Don't look down."

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