Call of Duty have unveiled their new Pacific-themed Warzone map, Caldera. It will be released in-game on December 2.

Call of Duty have given us one heck of a treat this Halloween, as they unveiled the brand new Warzone map Caldera. The map will be replacing Verdansk in Warzone on December 2. Here is what we know so far.

New Pacific-Themed Warzone Map

Amidst Sledgehammer’s reveal of the Season 1 roadmap for Vanguard and Warzone, we were finally treated to some information regarding the battle royale mode’s future. The map, which has been titled Caldera, is an entirely new map that has been inspired by the Pacific theater of the Second World War.

The map will be released in Warzone on December 2, as part of the game’s integration with Call of Duty: Vanguard. This means that CoD players will soon have access to weapons from across every era in Warzone. Alongside Caldera, players will still have access to the ever-popular Rebirth Island map.

However, to keep things more interesting, Sledgehammer Games will be adding in a special “Vanguard Royale” playlist. In it, players will be limited to Vanguard’s weapons and vehicles in order to create a more surreal WW2-esque environment for Caldera.

Alongside this new map comes an extra special new vehicle in the form of a fighter plane. Players who find one of these will be able to take to the skies and participate in aerial dogfights. While this concept isn’t all that foreign to Battle Royale games, this is sure to leave players with more of a lasting impression.

Warzone Being Renamed

One surprising bit of information that was revealed is that Call of Duty Warzone will be rebranding. To further correlate with the WW2 aesthetic, the battle royale mode will now be known as Warzone Pacific.

We aren’t sure what exactly prompted such a bizarre switch, or if this is indeed a permanent change. Either way, it would seem that things are looking brighter for Warzone.

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