CDL Stage 2 Major Day 3: Dallas goes clutch with 0.1 seconds remaining cover image

CDL Stage 2 Major Day 3: Dallas goes clutch with 0.1 seconds remaining

Dallas Empire had to work for it, but the reigning CDL champions punched their ticket to the next round of the CDL Stage 2 major. Dallas now has a date with FaZe, the best team in the league.

If you fail, try and try again. This was the motto for Dallas Empire and their series against Minnesota Rokkr. This was the first time Dallas was able to take down Minnesota. The series went all the way to five games, but the reigning Call of Duty champs weathered the brutal Minnesota storm to book a date with FaZe in stage 2 major upper bracket finals.

Minnesota versus Dallas Empire is turning into one of the best matchups of the year. Each match has delivered with high action drama and plenty of talking points. This is the third series running the teams have pushed each other to the limit, with the third consecutive five-game series.

The Rokkr started off strong in this best-of-five, taking a 250-170 Hardpoint victory on Moscow. This was the first time Minnesota won the opening map against Dallas. The pace did not slow down in game two as Dallas remained composed to win 6-5 on search and destory.

This is when business picked up big time:

Minnesota throws away Control victory by 0.1 second

Minnesota Rokkr had a 2-1 Control victory on Raid in the bag, or at least that is what they thought. All Minnesota had to do was hold their positions coming off of Dallas respawns, but with 3 seconds to go, chaos broke out. Dallas were able to pick off three Minessota players around the B site, this allowed Empire to get onto the site, stopping the clock with 0.1 seconds remaining. To the surprise of the casters, Dallas were able to claw the game back from an unwinnable position, Minnesota was left in a 3v1 scenario.

This was a major turning point not only in the Control map but in the overall series. Dallas was 0.1 second away from losing the map and going 2-1 down in the series. Dallas was able to channel the momentum they gained to win the map 3-2. These moments in professional competition come few and far between, and Minnesota could be excused for feeling the effects of this freak incident. That did not seem to be the case as Rokkr came back on Checkmate with another nail biter. Rokkr won 250-212 to bring this series to its third consecutive game five.

Dallas sets up Stage 2 major match with FaZe

It was not to be for Minnesota as Dallas squeezed out a 6-5 Search and Destroy victory in game 5. Minnesota will be replaying this moment over and over again. Minnesota Rokkr has proven they can go toe to toe with the best teams in the world. Dallas Empire will now take on rivals FaZe in Stage 2 major upper bracket finals. Minnesota Rokkr will be back in action this week as they take on OpTic Gaming Chicago for the chance to potentially face Dallas again down the line.

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