Find out where the top teams of the West and Midwest placed in the regular season

CCL Week 6 for the West and Midwest regions capped off an exciting season of matches. The final few matches have been played out, and now the top 12 teams have been set for regional playoffs.

Texas State earns statement win in CCL Week 6

Texas State entered CCL Week 6 with the #2 seed at stake for regional playoffs. The undefeated Oklahoma Christian holds the #1 seed, so it was up to TXST to take the #2. 

That is exactly what they did. St. Edward’s would be the opponent for them in one of the most anticipated matches of the season. Two Hardpoint wins would lead them to victory as the only falter in the series would be a 3-1 loss on Control. This Texas State squad has been extremely impressive all year long and proved exactly why they should be the second seed. Now up to 10-1, there is no reason to think that they are not capable of meeting Oklahoma Christian for a chance at clinching their spot at the LAN Finals. 

West Region Regular Season Results

  1. Oklahoma Christian University (11-0)
  2. Texas State University (10-1)
  3. New Mexico State Aggies (9-2)
  4. St. Edward’s Hilltoppers (8-3)
  5. Cal State University - Northridge (7-4)
  6. University of Texas (6-5)
  7. Texas A&M Maroon (4-7)
  8. Irvine Valley (3-8)
  9. UGC Battlecats (3-8)
  10. Long Beach State (2-9)
  11. Westcliff Warriors (2-9)
  12. Texas A&M International (1-10)

Illinois stuns Michigan, clinches #3 seed for regional playoffs

Illini have spent all season long upsetting teams every which way. Early season wins against Davenport and SIUe shot them into the Top 25 power rankings. Impressive performances against every team vying for that #3 seed ultimately got them into that spot. 

Michigan would be their last roadblock. Illini were considered a heavy underdog heading into CCL week 6, based off of each team’s performances at the recent GameArena LAN. Michigan’s only win in the series came in game 2 Search & Destroy, while Illini took the respawns en route to a 3-1 victory. The result created a 3-way tie for 3rd place (7-4), but with Illinois’ victory over both Michigan and SIUe, it locked them into #3. SIUe sits at 4th and Michigan 5th.

Midwest Region Regular Season Results

  1. Northwood University (11-0)
  2. St. Clair Saints (10-1)
  3. Illinois Orange (7-4)
  4. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (7-4)
  5. University of Michigan (7-4)
  6. Davenport Panthers (6-5)
  7. Wichita State (6-5)
  8. Bethany Swedes (4-7)
  9. Northern Illinois Maverick (3-8)
  10. Ottawa University (3-8)
  11. Carroll University (1-10)
  12. Purdue Northwest (1-10)

The top 8 teams from each region will receive a first round bye for regional playoffs. Meanwhile, the bottom four will begin their run in the winner’s round 1. CCL action continues this week with the Last Chance Qualifier. As teams battle it out to earn their way into the regional playoff. The LCQ will take place on the weekend of April 8th. Stay tuned!