With the latest Call of Duty title running the rumour mill currently, it looks like Call of Duty Warzone will be joining in on the action.

It is the time of year in which the new Call of Duty is the headline of the rumor mill. This year it is no different, with the supposed title being Call of Duty World War 2 Vanguard. What is certain is that Sledgehammer Games will be the developer on the latest title.

New Warzone map leaked to be in World War 2 setting

There has been no confirmation in regards to World War 2 Vanguard. However, there are more than enough rumours to keep the players engaged. Industry insider Tom Henderson went to Twitter last night to share some interesting information in regards to World War 2 and Warzone.

Henderson has been a credible source for the previous titles including Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. The insider goes on to state while this may not be a full-fledged map, the World War 2 map could be similar to Black Ops' 'Rebirth Island' map which was released on December 16. Rebirth Island is a small map that provides players with an alternative to Verdansk. Instead of 100+ players, the map is reduced to 40 players which invite faster-paced matches.

A similar World War 2 map would help keep the game fresh with a smaller arena to battle on. Tom Henderson in response, suggested Sledgehammer Games does not have to be the developer of this map. Raven Software has been the lead developer for Call of Duty Warzone since its release on March 10th 2020.

Activision is connecting the titles

CoD developers have made Call of Duty: Warzone the bridge that connects their latest releases. For many years Call of Duty developers have strived to keep their subseries as far apart as possible. The last two releases are starting to show a new pattern for Activision.

Modern Warfare was a reboot of the famous Call of Duty series. With this, Activision had the creative freedom to merge Cold War and Modern Warfare into the same universe. This was showcased during the Cold War single-player campaign, where a prominent character in the Modern Warfare storyline for years made a cameo appearance.

<em>Image courtesy of redditor <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingDetails/comments/juheg8/imran_zakhaev_from_the_call_of_duty_modern/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">r/GamingDetails</a></em>
Image courtesy of redditor r/GamingDetails

During a meeting with the KGB officials, a young version of Imran Zakhaev making an appearance. This was a surprising turn of events for players as this was the first time characters from different Call of Duty series were in the same campaign. While it is uncertain how World War 2 Vanguard will fit into this storyline, it would not be surprising to see Activision stick to this new system. The rumoured World War 2 game is reportedly set in a timeline in which World War 2 did not end in 1945.

Activision's new sandbox was on full display last year when Black Ops: Cold War was heavily marketed through Warzone:

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