The Call of Duty: Warzone 2 gulag is getting some big changes in an upcoming update. Here’s what to expect in Season 2.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 had a lot of changes in store for long-time Warzone players. This included an entirely new map (with water), new weapons, and making the gulag two-versus-two. But the gulag has just been reverted to the classic 1v1 format.

Warzone has stood out from other battle royale games by allowing players to come back into the game when eliminated by facing off in a gulag. In Warzone 2's gulag, eliminated players would form teams of two for a deathmatch. To shake things up even more, a Jailer NPC would come out halfway through the match, dealing a ton of damage. If the Jailer is eliminated in the gulag, both teams could re-enter. But if the Jailer kills everyone, nobody is brought back.

Now, developers have decided to go back to the classic 1v1 gulag.

The upcoming Warzone 2 gulag change is due to feedback from the Warzone community. Many players have been underwhelmed — even frustrated — with the Jailer mechanic. Other players noted that having two players shooting at once left them dead a lot faster, making it tougher to come out of the gulag alive. It was also a crap-shoot that your random teammate would communicate well or even have a mic.

Call of Duty players react to Warzone 2 gulag changes

In response to the news, Call of Duty fans rejoiced. It felt like developers were finally listening to them. The change was called a W for the community.

Even big-time Call of Duty streamer Timothy "TimTheTatman" betar expressed excitement over the gulag change. He posted an excited video in response to developers' decision to revert the gulag to its original form.

It could be argued that it's a bit disappointing to see some of the things that made Warzone 2 unique being erased from the game. What was the point of making players start over with an entirely new game just to make it basically the exact same game as the original. But Warzone 2 has many changes and improvements that still make it an improvement over the first Warzone, which was consistently complained about by the Call of Duty community.

Only time will tell if the Warzone 2 gulag change will improve players' experiences going forward.