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Call of Duty MWII’s Messi bundle has arrived with 8 brand new items cover image

Call of Duty MWII’s Messi bundle has arrived with 8 brand new items


Call of Duty has released the brand new Messi bundle in association with the FIFA World Cup. Join us as we break down the bundle.

Call of Duty keeps introducing new bundles to MWII and this time around, the brand new Messi bundle. The release was in partnership with the FIFA World Cup alongside other Soccer stars. However, the bundle was announced a while ago so it wasn't a world-shattering release. Regardless, the bundle comes with 8 unique items and is available for 2400 CoD Coins.

The Messi Bundle and its components

The Messi Bundle comes with 8 items that include an Operator skin, 2 weapon builds, a finisher, and much more. The bundle matches the other Cod Pro Soccer player bundles like Neymar and Pogba in terms of the amount of item count and specific items.
The Messi Bundle, and the items included in it
The Messi Bundle, and the items included in it
Although higher priced compared to other bundles available in the CoD store, the Messi bundle has more items. This could be to showcase the value of the bundle compared to Messi's appearances in other games. Other bundles available in the store like the Yellowjacket or the Atomic Sunrise bundles have fewer items at a slightly lower price. This could mean that the purchase might be seen as being more valuable.
Regardless, of the higher price, here's what's included in the Messi bundle in Call of Duty MWII:
  • Messi operator
  • No Firearms Needed finisher
  • Atomic Flea Vaznev-9K
  • Blue Thunder FSS Hurricane
  • The Treble Tank skin
  • The Flea weapon charm
  • Battle Messi weapon sticker
  • Target Acquired Emblem
The Messi bundle arrival wasn't as hyped because the partnership between CoD and the FIFA World Cup was not only announced, but leaked a while ago. So, Call of Duty players have known that this was coming. Regardless, it has great items available for a limited time.

Purchasing the bundle

The bundle is available for purchase for 2400 CoD Coins. Which roughly translates to just below $20 USD. To pick up the bundle, just head over to the store tab in the MWII lobbies. From there, the Messi bundle should be one of the many featured bundles available in the store. Then, it's a couple of simple clicks of confirming the purchase of the bundle.
some of the available options for CoD coins
some of the available options for CoD coins
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Noah Pather
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