Here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty MW2 Season 3, including what we know about Warzone 2 ranked and more!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is gearing up for Season 3 after much anticipation. Players have longed for a significant update to game modes such as Warzone 2. Based on the trailer released today, Warzone 2 and MW2 multiplayer are set to receive a boost in Season 3. 

Here’s everything from the latest Call of Duty MW2 Season 3 announcement. 

MW2 multiplayer updates are coming in Season 3

Call of Duty: MW2 Season 3 is a different beast, according to the official trailer. With a planned release date of April 12, Season 3 brings a lot to the table, including a battle between Alejandro and Valeria and some multiplayer and Warzone 2 updates. 

The trailer did not divulge much information, but there’s enough to build anticipation. First and foremost, more multiplayer maps are on the way. Season 2 fell short of expectations in this regard, with only Valderas Museum from the beta, Himmelmatt Expo, and the Dome remake. 

Given the plural of maps included in the trailer, we expect at least three additional maps to follow in MW2 Season 3. The only one that has been confirmed is Pelayo’s Lighthouse—a 6v6 multiplayer map. It’s unclear what others will be playable in Season 3. 

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

From a new weapons standpoint, a recent trailer confirmed the return of the classic MW2 Intervention sniper rifle, renamed the FJX Imperium. Additionally, the trailer confirmed the return of fan-favorite game mode Gunfight and the classic Cranked game mode made popular in Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

Warzone 2 ranked and more confirmed for Season 3

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

The dreams of many Warzone 2 players are about to be achieved following the announcement of a proper ranked mode. Considering the success of MW2 multiplayer Ranked Play, Warzone 2’s ranked mode hopes to follow a similar path. It’s unclear how the ranking system will work, but it’s a breath of fresh air nonetheless. 

Other Warzone 2 updates in MW2 Season 3 include Al Mazrah Resurgence and Plunder. The former typically features up to 40 participants and consistent redeploy after death as long as your teammate is still alive. 

Plunder combines Battle Royale and multiplayer in that you can respawn, which occurs in a fixed location. Players had to collect cash in previous installments by earning kills and completing contracts. We expect to learn more about how Warzone 2’s Resurgence and Plunder will differ from previous versions. 

What is Blackcell?

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

Much of the MW2 Season 3 trailer references game modes known to Call of Duty fans. However, something named Blackcell was also listed and is currently shrouded in mystery. 

Call of Duty lore experts may remember the BlackCell rocket launcher featured in Black Ops 3. It could be a new weapon, but much more likely to be related to Warzone or DMZ. We’ll know when the MW2 Season 3 roadmap drops tomorrow. 

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