Call of Duty fans believe Modern Warfare 2 map may be inspired by Pavlov cover image

Call of Duty fans believe Modern Warfare 2 map may be inspired by Pavlov

A Modern Warfare 2 map appears to have some similarities to an older Call of Duty map, but is it truly inspired by the old school game?

Some Call of Duty players believe that Pavlov is making a return as a Modern Warfare 2 map.

With the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta just around the corner, more and more players are getting hands-on experience with the highly anticipated Modern Warfare sequel. While there has been some controversy over some choices Infinity Ward has made with the gameplay, one player has noticed something that's sure to bring a lot of joy to long-time fans of the franchise.

Call of Duty has been around since 2003 and many old-school players have felt ignored by Infinity Ward's handling of a few key features. It seemed like developers were more focused on catering to casuals than listening to concerns of competitive players, but it seems like Call of Duty's roots haven't been completely forgotten.

In a recent Reddit post, a Call of Duty fan noticed that one Modern Warfare 2 map heavily resembled that of Pavlov, a map that was in the first-ever Call of Duty game almost 20 years ago. Check out some of the screenshots for yourself, which show many similarly structured buildings.

Image via <a href="">u/WIECEq</a>
Image via u/WIECEq

While this hasn't been confirmed by developers, the similarities were clearly not lost on Call of Duty players. While roaming the new map, one player couldn't help but notice a lot of familiar sites and hallways to the iconic 2003 game. Even though some of the materials and details have been changed, the setup of certain rooms are eerily similar down to doorway placements.

Some players, however, feel that it may be a bit of a stretch or a coincidence. This is a possibility but it hasn't stopped other gamers from feeling excited at remembering such a meaningful part of their childhood.

What is Pavlov in Call of Duty?

Pavlov is a map from the original Call of Duty with tall buildings and open spaces, making it perfect for snipers and long-ranged duels outside and then in-your-face gun battles within the buildings' cramped walls.

Pavlov has four distinct areas:

  • Pavlov's House
  • Apartments
  • Grist Mill
  • Offices and Outer Wall

Whether players believe the new Modern Warfare 2 map is inspired by Pavlov or not, it has reminded players of LAN parties and other nostalgic memories while growing up with Call of Duty. Only time will tell if Modern Warfare 2 will inspire fun, new memories or leave long-time players frustrated.