Call of Duty Challengers 2024 format confirmation finally arrives cover image

Call of Duty Challengers 2024 format confirmation finally arrives

Everybody stay calm, it’s finally here.

The long-awaited Call of Duty Challengers 2024 announcement has finally arrived, and amateur COD players across the globe collectively let out a sigh of relief.

However, this year, COD fans only receive two Opens. For those eager to feast their eyes on all the Challengers 2024 action, you’ll have to wait until Boston’s Major I and Toronto’s Major III. Unfortunately, Miami’s and Carolina’s Majors won’t feature an Open tournament, according to a January 12 Call of Duty League blog post

COD Challengers 2024 format overview

(Image via Call of Duty League)
(Image via Call of Duty League)

There is plenty in store for COD this year. Players get to experience the thrill that the Challengers 2024 is set to provide, and all the CDL extras. While it might appear sparse, compared to prior years, there are some solid reasons why.

Adam A shared on a January 12 Twitch stream that these choices were made to "make (CDL) a viable business." These cost-saving decisions resulted from two sides of the COD business coming at odds with one another. "Everyone wants the same thing, but how it's set up makes it really, really hard to make things work," Adam A. said. This means avenues beloved by the COD fanbase might get caught in the crossfire.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty. Time for some Challengers 2024 info.

Challengers Cups

All four regions will get to experience Challengers 2024 Cups. Prizes and Challenger points are up for grabs during the Cups weekend tournaments. The first of these online matches will take place on January 20 and finish a day later. 

If you’ve missed out on the first cup, fear not. There will be 11 cups in total in 2024. 

Challengers Opens

Boston Breach is set to host the first Challengers Open in 2024 from January 26 to 28 at Major I  The first Challengers Open’s seeding will be determined by the combination of all 2024 Cup 1 points. 2023’s Challenger points will also be taken into account, with 10 percent of each player being used in the seeding determination. 

Not only that, but Toronto Ultra will be hosting an additional Challengers Open at Major III.

Three Elite Seasons

The Challenger 2024 Season is set to feature three Elite Seasons. 12 teams will be participating in the North American and European Challengers Elite with the top eight teams securing a spot once the season concludes. 


As for the Finals in Challengers 2024, 16 teams will be participating in the last chapter. For those who make it far enough, they’ll receive hotel accommodation and their travel free of charge. 

To qualify, players need to make their mark on the Regional Leaderboard against 10 teams. Or, they’ll have to survive the Last Chance Qualifier.

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