Microsoft is planning to add CoD 2024 to Xbox Game Pass’ catalog instead of only selling the game, according to reports.

Call of Duty 2024 (CoD 2024), the upcoming installment of the CoD franchise, is coming out on October 25 and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get to play the game on day one, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

WSJ reports that Microsoft will announce that CoD 2024 is coming to Xbox Game Pass during the Xbox showcase on June 9. It's unclear, however, if every type of Game Pass subscriber on Xbox and PC will have access to the game or if it will only be a specific tier. There's also the possibility that Microsoft will once again raise the pricing of the Game Pass' Ultimate tier, according to additional reporting from The Verge.

This is because Microsoft worries that bringing new CoD releases to Game Pass might affect the "revenue generated from typical sales," according to The Verge. CoD games are responsible for a big chunk of Activision's revenue as they usually sell over 20 million copies.

CoD 2024 could be Black Ops 6

The reports from WSJ and The Verge come amidst speculation that CoD 2024 will be called Black Ops 6. Earlier this month, data miners found strong evidence that Black Ops 6 will come out this year.

However, we won't likely get confirmation until the next Xbox showcase on June 9. The Verge reported Microsoft plans to host a special CoD direct after the "main show ends" and also announce a new Gears of War game during the show, on top of upcoming releases such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

All this new information regarding CoD 2024 and Xbox Game Pass comes one day after Activision opened Elsewhere Entertainment studios, which will focus on developing a new "narrative-based AAA franchise" IP.

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