Activision-Blizzard have filed a lawsuit against well-known Cheat Software distributors EngineOwning.

Activision-Blizzard have filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning; a website that has benefited from the ongoing cheating issues within Call of Duty Warzone. Amidst their own ongoing legal issues, Activision are seeking to increase their efforts to stop people from cheating in their games. Here is everything we know so far.

Activision Files Lawsuit Against Warzone Cheat Distributors

According to The Verge, who initially broke this story, Activision have filed a lawsuit in the Central District of California against EngineOwning; a website that is said to be amongst the largest distributors of cheat software pertaining to Warzone.

The publishers of the popular FPS franchise have been ramping up their efforts to stamp out cheating in their games over the past few months. As noted by their large-scale banning of players and the implementation of their new Ricochet Anti-Cheat software; which was fully integrated into Vanguard and Warzone in December.

Activision put forth the following in their preliminary statement, which was shared on CharlieIntel's Twitter page. "By this lawsuit, Activision seeks to put a stop to unlawful conduct by an organization that is distributing and selling for profit, numerous malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain an unfair advantage in the COD games. These ongoing activities damage Activision's games, its overall buisiness, and the experience of the COD player community."

Activision also states that they are seeking a maximum relief fee of $2,500 for each law violation. There has yet to be a public response to this from the side of EngineOwning. And while this seems like an odd thing for Activision to be focusing on right now, given their own legal issues, it appears that Activision are continuing their fight against cheating within their games.

Who Are EngineOwning?

EngineOwning is a website that has been around since 2014. They are a website dedicated to the distribution of Cheat Software to players in a variety of FPS games; primarily Call of Duty and Battlefield. They are but one of many such websites that have been profiting off of the ongoing cheating problem within Call of Duty game in recent years. And from the sound of things, they don't seem all that bothered by what they are doing.

EngineOwning's Creed On The Homepage Of Their Website
EngineOwning's Creed On The Homepage Of Their Website

On the website's homepage, there is a message which appears to be their creed or statement of intent. The message reads: "We believe that everyone should have the ability to win and enjoy online matches". A statement that certainly shows their lack of shame in regards to their malicious practice.

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