Which country is most represented at the ALGS Year 3 Split 1 Playoffs? cover image

Which country is most represented at the ALGS Year 3 Split 1 Playoffs?

40 teams are playing in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs with over 20 countries represented. Which are the top three countries by player number?

40 teams will be competing in the Apex Legends Global Series tomorrow in London for the ALGS Year 3 Split 1 Playoffs. But where are all the players from? How global is this Global Series anyway? And which countries are represented the most?

ALGS Split 1 Playoffs by the numbers

The top three countries based on representation are the United States (22 players), Japan (18 players), and South Korea (12 players). Six countries (Belarus, Iraq, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Austria) only have a single player for representation. However, despite the United States overwhelmingly taking the top spot, over twenty countries will be represented at the 2023 Playoffs.

  1. United States - 22
  2. Japan - 18
  3. South Korea - 12
  4. Australia - 11
  5. Brazil - 11
  6. United Kingdom - 9
  7. Russia - 5
  8. France - 4
  9. Indonesia - 4
  10. Mexico - 3
  11. Thailand - 3
  12. Canada - 2
  13. Portugal - 2
  14. Swedan - 2
  15. Denmark - 2
  16. Chile - 2
  17. Argentina - 2
  18. Belarus - 1
  19. Iraq - 1
  20. Poland - 1
  21. Slovenia - 1
  22. Ukraine - 1
  23. Austria - 1

Despite the overwhelming number from the United States, APAC North is well represented with Japan and South Korea making up the entirety of their player base. This will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the region's success and celebration of esports in the past decade. Perhaps the February Playoffs will be the beginning of APAC South's reign in competitive Apex Legends.

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A home field advantage for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs?

The EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia) region consists of ten teams. Within those ten teams, six of them have at least one player from the United Kingdom. Vexed Gaming, Alliance, IG Intl, Pioneers, Element 6, and VZN all have a British connection, but one team has made a splash in recent tournaments.

Placing third in the 2022 Split 1 Pro League last December, Vexed Gaming is certainly a team worth keeping an eye on with Tyler Wood. They have played consistently throughout Pro Leagues, even winning a game in December to secure their place at LAN. Hopefully playing on their home turf will give them the edge to contest the dominant NA teams on Feb. 2, especially since the whole team has been training for this tournament in Manchester at the Vexed HQ.

TylerFPS Via Vexed Gaming
TylerFPS Via Vexed Gaming

Who's from where at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs?

What's the make up of your favorite Apex Legends pro team? Are there any countries you want to see represented? Below is a breakdown of each team by their region and which country their players hail from. While most of North America and APAC North players come from one or two countries, the EMEA region players alone represents 12 different countries.

APAC North



Crazy Raccoon: South Korea

ENTER FORCE.36: South Korea


Flora: Japan

fun123: South Korea


FC destroy: Japan

GHS Professional: Japan


Aurora: Russia

ACEND: Portugal and Poland

Vexed Gaming: Slovenia, Austria, and the UK

Fire Beavers: Belarus and Russia

Alliance: Sweden, Denmark, and the UK

iG.International: Sweden and the UK

Pioneers: Denmark, Ukraine, and the UK

Element 6: France and the UK

VZN: Iraq and the UK

GameWard: France

North America

TSM: United States

XSET: United States

The Guard: United States

Esports Arena: Canada and the United States

Luminosity Gaming: Mexico

NRG: United States

100 Thieves: Canada and the United States

HEC: United States

Spacestation: United States

DarkZero: Australia

APAC South

Chicken Sandwich: Indonesia and Australia

Moist Esports: Australia

DEWA UNITED: Indonesia

Boogie Boarders: Australia

EXO Clan: Thailand

South America

Team Singularity: Brazil and Chile

NorCal Esports: Brazil

K1CK: Brazil


LeaveNoWitness: Argentina and Chile

Did any of these stats surprise you? Are you rooting for any particular country to become champion through the London ALGS?

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