The Week 5 Legacy Community Created Twitch Drops are live and we are here to give a quick intro into 8 of the streamers selected for the drops! We’ve even included a clip of them in action.

The Week 5 Legacy Community Created Twitch Drops are live featuring an amazing anime inspired loading screen. (pictured above) To claim it, just link your Twitch account and watch any of the streamers for a combined total of 1 hour. We are here to give a quick intro into 8 of the Apex Legends streamers selected for the Twitch drops!

The Apex Legends Twitch drops have already had a massive impact on the streamers included. Here's the social links for all the streamers along with a breakdown of each one: (Twitch links are below in their descriptions)


The first streamer on this list is none other than heyGuhRL. Streaming since 2018, she has been gaining tons of popularity from her recent casting of the ALGS. Averaging around 190 viewers, the Canadian streams every day for around 6 to 7 hours. You can catch heyGuhRL zipping around the outlands as Pathfinder on her Twitch channel at GuhRL.


Next up is BlissKai! The GenG and partnered twitch streamer started back in 2018 and now has gathered quite the following. Her community just reached the milestone of including 23k members. Apart from Apex, she also dabbles in other categories like Valorant or Just chatting. However, most of the time you can catch her playing Apex, spreading positive vibes.


The first male entry on this list is Crusader. Team Liquid's Apex legends team manager streams a variety of games that include Apex, Warframe, Destiny 2 and Tarkov (to name a few). He has been streaming since late 2016 and for around 5 hours each day, providing great content.


Now on the other side of the pond, to our European friends is Maytaki. The Belgian streamer got her start back in April 2019 and has been steadily growing since. She averages around 140 viewers and streams on most weekdays for around 4 hours. For our French speaking friends, this channel is great because the stream is in French, so we would heavily suggest knowing the language before tuning in but not a pre-requisite!


Next up is PeachFPS. Streaming since 2018, she has amassed a pretty big community with 12k followers that focuses on empowering other content creators and supporting the Apex community. The up and coming streamer streams for around 5 hours each day and loves to show her competitive side as she grinds ranked matches.

AvalloneHAL or HAL tv

This italian streamer not only streams Apex, but is a professional Quake Live player and top 500 Overwatch player! HALtv has been around since 2015, and has tons of competitive Esports experience which gives his audience great insights in game. Averaging around 530 viewers, he streams 5 hours each day of the week.


On the other side of the content creation universe is BacKoFFmyJanKzz. This Youtube content creator streams on twitch provides a whole plethora of Apex content. From great high level streams, videos that show the "true power of legends" to even a Titanfall 2 playthrough!


Last but not least is Team Singularity's Elysium. The Spanish controller player rampages the outlands as Wraith or Pathfinder always performs and gives great content. This underrated streamer is still on the rise, as he only started to stream in 2020. So catch him on his streams and watch as his community grows.

These streamers all provide great content, and they are listed in no particular order. We highly recommend tuning in to each of the streamers and enjoying their content. As a bonus you'll get to reap the Twitch drops rewards.

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