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The Apex Legends Controller class, explained

What’s in a Controller? Just a miserable pile of Ring information! Learn all about what makes up the Controller class in Apex.

via Respawn
via Respawn

The most recent season of Apex Legends has completely changed up Legend classes. These radical changes were introduced in lieu of a new addition to the Legend roster. Five reworked classes were added, each with a special perk to aid players in game.

What exactly does the new Controller class in Apex Legends do and what are its perks? Let's look!

What is the Controller class?

The Controller class in Apex Legends consists of the following Legends; Wattson, Caustic, Catalyst, and Rampart. According to Respawn, this class is all about holding down strong positions and getting the fights to start where you want them.

These Legends control enemy movement around their team, or as Wattson says, fence them in and fence them out. Having a good spot in the Ring or knowing where the enemy wants to pinch you are what this class is all about.

What perk does the Controller class get?

While every new Apex Legends class gets a perk, the Controller class receives an old and reliable perk. These Legends are now able to scan Ring Consoles, which function the same as the Survey Beacons from earlier seasons. However, despite these Ring Consoles acting in similar way to Survey Beacons, they are located in new spots which tend to be on lower ground.

This will make them more accessible to the less agile characters that make up the Controller class. The old Survey Beacons will now reveal enemy locations for the Recon Class. Having knowledge about the next Ring cannot be overlooked in a game like Apex where location is king.

How to best utilize the Controller class

via Respawn
via Respawn

Since the Ring information is now available to the likes of Wattson and Rampart, it is now so much easier to pick a location and hunker down to face the incoming squads. There are multiple ways to best utilize the Controller class Legends and these depend on your playstyle.

A more defensive playstyle would be best served with defending a small location, ideally a building, and supporting your team until the final fight. Holding off incoming teams with fences and blocking off entire buildings with Catalyst’s passive would certainly help your squad survive.

However, an aggressive playstyle could be used by finding the next zone and gatekeeping other players from getting to the next ring. On Storm Point or World’s Edge, this could easily be done by cutting off pathways into POIs. This can be done with fences, gas barrels, or Catalyst’s Ultimate. Rampart could also hold down a choke point with her Amped Cover and especially with her trusty Sheila Ultimate.

The Apex Legends Controller class can suit any playstyle, so try it out today.

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