The ALGS Championship peaked at over 632,000 viewers cover image

The ALGS Championship peaked at over 632,000 viewers

The ALGS 2022 Championship peaked at over 632,000 viewers, with a huge 500,000 average during the finals of the premier Apex Legends Esports event.

A huge milestone for Apex Legends Esports as the Apex Legends Global Series Championship peaked at over 632,000 viewers according to analytics agency Esports Charts. The viewership peaked during the Finals of the event, with 632,352 viewers tuning in to watch DarkZero Esports clutch out a last minute repeat win in the ALGS.

The event, which was also the first ALGS event with a live audience, averaged 289,723 viewers during its 10-day runtime. It also amassed over 11 million in total hours watched over this time. But the most impressive statistics come from the Finals, where the event averaged over 500,000 viewers, before peaking in Round 9. The rise in viewership echoes comments from ALGS commissioner John Nelson, who before the finals talked about previous viewership figures in an interview with

The figures come from all platforms, which for the AGLS: 2020 Championship was Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Twitch, of course, led the way, but was closely tailed by YouTube, and Facebook. And the most vocal of these viewers were perhaps TSM fans, who had a huge following both in the arena and at home!

Image via D.J. Muldowney/ESPAT

AGLS Championships viewer demographics

The AGSL viewers also came from multiple language streams, with the two largest demographics being English, and then Japanese. Apex Legends has a huge following in Japan, where it’s one of the most streamed games. 

Several Japanese teams featured at the event, including PULVEREX, Fnatic, DetonatioN Gaming, and ORTHROS FANG. However, only Fnatic made their mark in the finals. With a fourth place finish, and coming incredibly close to winning the whole thing themselves. In the final Round, Fnatic, along with DarkZero Esports, and seven other teams were all on Match Point.

Overall, the huge viewership has surpassed many expectations for this monumental event in Apex Legends Esports. Having navigated the issues caused by Covid 19, and previous events forced online or to be played without a live audience, it’s reassuring to see Apex Legends Esports flourishing.