A team has qualified for tomorrows ALGS Challenger Circuit finals, with random legends every game.

A team has qualified for tomorrows North American ALGS Challenger Circuit finals with different legends every game. Team "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEER" spun a wheel containing every Apex Legend before every game of their ALGS Challenger Circuit matches.

The team, comprised of Escape, Milez and former ALGS Pro League player McLovin will be continuing their "random royale" in Mondays ALGS Challenger Circuit finals.

The good, the bad, and the downright strange

The randomizer created a wide range of legend compositions across the teams 22 ALGS matches. Ranging from compositions that didn't look out of place at all, to some that would have raised even the firmest of eyebrows.

Escape, Milez and McLovin got off to a great start in their opening game. The Wraith, Gibraltar and Mad Maggie combination suited their mechanics as they tore through the opening round of ALGS.

However, things only got weirder and weirder.

Their Revenant, Vantage and Bloodhound combination in the quarter finals was perhaps their most bizzare set up of their tournament so far. Perhaps rivalled by Lifeline, Rampart Bangalore from their opening day's action.

There was even the infamous "Revtane" combination.

Milez recorded all combinations on his stream
Milez recorded all combinations on his stream

Every combination played so far

  • Wraith, Gibraltar, Mad Maggie
  • Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound
  • Crypto, Mirage, Vantage
  • Catalyst, Wattson, Ballistic
  • Newcastle, Pathfinder, Fuse
  • Valkyrie, Ash, Loba
  • Octane, Horizon, Revenant
  • Seer, Lifeline, Rampart
  • Ballistic, Caustic, Octane
  • Fuse, Pathfinder, Ash
  • Bloodhound, Revenant, Wraith
  • Newcastle, Seer, Wraith
  • Gibraltar, Valkyrie, Mad Maggie
  • Caustic, Pathfinder, Bangalore
  • Revenant, Vantage, Bloodhound
  • Mirage, Catalyst, Rampart
  • Ash, Wattson, Caustic
  • Lifeline, Loba, Octane
  • Fuse, Horizon, Ballistic
  • Wattson, Fuse, Horizon
  • Wraith, Valk, Vantage

The pool of legends was only reset whenever every legend had been chosen, which was every eight games. That meant that there was no chance of getting the same, lucky legends again and again.

Random legends wasn't enough of a challenge for team YEEEEEEEEEEEEEER on the opening day. They also randomised their drop spot, landing wherever the hot zone was in that particular game.

This strategy was dropped as the tournament became more serious, to prevent griefing of other teams.

Escape: "We will stick to our randomizer all the way through!"

Ethan "Escape" Cantor, who was once signed to 303 esports, spoke to esports.gg after their games.

Escape (near) has LAN experience
Escape (near) has LAN experience

He revealed that this team, and the challenge they embarked on, was only decided the day before registration closed.

"McLovin just suggested the challenge the day before rosters locked. It sounded fun so we said screw it, and now here we are"

But, having tried 22 different legend set ups, did any stand out as especially good, or especially bad?

"My favourite was probably Newcastle, Fuse and Pathfinder. The legends meshed well together. Newcastle allowed us to hold more space with his wall and mobile cover, pathfinder let Milez extend and play aggressive angles, and fuse put huge pressure on teams near us. We had a gold knock that game too so we could reset quickly with the Newcastle res. Pathfinder gave us quick macro rotates. All of those things together allowed us to get kills and play for end game.

Crypto mirage vantage was terrible because we didn't have any legends to help with pushes or rotates. The one fight we took, I EMP'd myself, Milez forgot to mirage ult, and McLovin hit the owl outta there."

Now, the question is, is the randomiser here to stay for the ALGS Challenger Circuit Finals, and maybe even the LCQ?

"We'll see how we do in finals. We will stick to our randomizer all the way through!"

Their ALGS journey so far

  • 1st Round - 1st, 71 points (46 kills)
  • 2nd Round - 3rd, 44 points (27 kills)
  • 3rd Round - 7th, 22 points (10 kills)
  • Quarter Finals - 6th, 29 points (13 kills)
  • Semi Finals - 8th, 37 points (19 kills)

Are legends more balanced than ever?

Of course, this achievement is in most part down to some incredible mechanics and on the fly macro in their semi final games. All three of team YEEEEEEEEEEEEEER are very experienced competitors. McLovin competed in the most recent Pro League split. Milez and Escape are Challenger Circuit veterans.

However, this is no mean feat to make ALGS Challenger Circuit Finals for any team. Team YEEEEEEEEEEEEEER have placed higher than the likes of IitzTimmy, ProdigyAces and Apryze. Teams spend hours and hours working on their legend choices, drop spots and detailed macro strategies.

However, this challenge does show how fine tuned the legend balance is in Apex Legends. Every legend is at least somewhat viable in competitive Apex Legends. This has been seen with a far expanded ALGS meta across the most recent Pro Leagues.

Can they go all the way to ALGS Champs?

Escape, Milez and McLovin have never competed together before, and now have a genuine shot at qualifying for the ALGS Championship LCQ.

Even before this weekends overall points are added, team YEEEEEEEEEEEEEER sit 19th overall. Thanks to points that have been accumulated elsewhere, and the 1000 points McLovin brings from the ALGS Pro League. They are guaranteed at least another 900 tomorrow, but could earn as many as 1500.

The North American ALGS Challenger Circuit finals start at 1800 PDT, and will be broadcast by TorchProd

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