The formerly unsigned Australian team has impressed everyone with their performance at the ALGS last July.

Moist Esports began their foray into pro gaming with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, soon expanding to Guilty Gear Strive and Super Smash Bros. Melee last September and Rocket League in May. This off-season APAC South signing of Team Burger is an exciting move into the Apex Legends scene by Moist Esports

Each of the three new members of Moist Esports tweeted their own personal announcement. All following the simple format “Joined @MoistEsports”, some with the hashtag #StayMoist.

Team Burger Fandom: From one Passionate fan to a Brigade

The members of Team Burger made a big splash at the recent ALGS Championship in Raleigh, NC. Starting with one passionate fan, the Burger Brigade grew to a sizable crowd in the PNC Arena. Fans sported small cut out burger signs which steadily spread through the crowd over the course of the weekend. In fact, even the official casters for ALGS, Dan Gaskin and Onset, were willing to eat a piece of paper for the Brigade

The formally unsigned team from Australia performed impressively at the ALGS Championship this last July. Team Burger placed 17th out of 40 teams at the ALGS Championship this July and earned $18,000. The popular underdog team is the perfect fit for Moist Esports. Overall, with the backing of an equally popular organization, the future of Team Burger in the pro scene seems promising.