A chat with Dan Gaskin and Onset, ALGS’ premier casting duo: “I think that both of us are pretty good at staying on the same level and making sure we’re putting in 100%”

Onset and Dan Gaskin are the premier casting duo of Apex Legends. We spoke to the duo about their undeniable synergy at the ALGS Championships.

Dan Gaskin and Onset are the premier casting duo for Apex Legends. The two Brits are a long-time casting pair and have been responsible for bringing the ALGS Championships 2022 to life. The duo were kind enough to spare some time during the event to chat to Esports.gg.

Malystryx: First question, would you eat a piece of paper for the Burger Brigade?

Dan Gaskin: Absolutely. I'd do anything for the Burger Brigade. They are here in full force, and they deserve even more support.

Onset: I would only eat a paper burger for the Burger Brigade if it contained the appropriate amount of nutrients.

Malystryx: The Burger Brigade have been just one of the perks of having a live audience to create new storylines, new memes. How have the live audience been treating you?

Onset: "I think it's been amazing. I think I've said this a lot of times, sort of behind closed doors, but Apex is an Esport has deserved this environment more than any other. Because if you look at the timing of the pandemic, and the timing of when Apex Legends Esports kind of kicked off, it doesn't line up nicely if you were a fan of attending live events.

So, I think everyone's got so much excitement sort of stored up that it's nothing but positive energy out there. Like every time you look up at the crowd, everyone smiling and just having a great time. And it's a great community. So I think everyone's having having a blast."

Dan Gaskin: "It's been quite overwhelmingly positive. Actually a lot of people wanting signatures and photos. Obviously, we can't get too close to them at the moment. But I'd say for the most part, they've been positive!

Onset at the ALGS Championships 2022 [Image Credit: EA]
Onset at the ALGS Championships 2022 [Image Credit: EA]

Malystryx: You both have stuck with Apex Legends through all this time. What's your relationship with the game and its scene at this point?

Dan Gaskin: "Apex has always been a priority for us. We weren't unfortunately able to do Sweden, which we were so bummed about because that was the first LAN that we were seeing for Apex since Poland. But just because we were contracted for something else, we weren't able to do it. So then when we found out the dates of the ALGS Championships we were delighted. Apex deserves an event like this."

Onset: "Yeah, I think Apex for me is the first game that I've fallen in love with since Halo. Yeah, I played Halo for 20 years, and cast that still to this day. But Apex was the first game and competitive scene which I genuinely fell in love with.

You think that's a 20 year time span, I think that says everything you need to know about my thoughts on the game and the community and everything about it.

We were talking with Joe Lynch, Head of Broadcast at EA, and we were saying last time we saw you Joe, we were having a conversation about how do we cast Apex Legends because we were so desperate to get involved with it. The games that we love playing are the ones we want to cast because it comes across when you're commentating. I agree with Dan, Apex for me is always going to be a priority."

Malystryx: Love to hear that! What have been your highlights so far? I personally loved PULVEREX Ftyan just hiding perfectly behind the wall as the crowed cheered.

Onset: "For me, I think the biggest moment sort of outside of gameplay was just turning it up and realizing it was real. And it might sound like a really silly thing to say, but I've waited two and a half years for a moment like this.

"The biggest moment sort of outside of gameplay was just turning it up and realizing it was real. And it might sound like a really silly thing to say, but I've waited two and a half years for a moment like this."

Onset on his highlight so far at the ALGS Championships 2022

To see a stage like that and to see the crowd waiting for that moment, like finally we're about to do this, it's huge. But gameplay wise, I think the winner's bracket on Day 3. There's been so many nuts plays. But the one that stands out for me, I would say maybe the end game play from NRG in that game three, just every single micro decision that was made, the shots. It was just perfect Apex Legends."

Dan Gaskin: "I've enjoyed FURIA's playstyle and how aggressive they've been, because in scrims before the event a lot of teams would play in that way. However, once they've got to LAN they realized it's not gonna be that simple.

But FURIA just kind of stuck the fingers up and said we're still gonna play that way and still found success. I've enjoyed seeing the aggression from some teams and FURIA in particular."

"FURIA just kind of stuck the fingers up and said we're still gonna play that way [aggressive] and still found success. I've enjoyed seeing the aggression from some teams and FURIA in particular."

Commentator Dan Gaskin on his highlight so far

Malystryx: At this event a lot of fans are hoping to have some information about ALGS Year 3. What are you hoping is on the cards for Apex Legends Esports?

 Dan Gaskin: "I would like to see more LANs of course, the chance for all regions to get a LAN as well would be great.

We've gotten one in North America, we have one in Europe, I'd like to see what happened in the APAC region, so that everyone has that chance to travel, maybe even some teams who couldn't make it because of visa issues are able to make it in the future. I know that's a bit of a touchy subject. But I do want to see everyone get that opportunity."

Onset: "Yeah, I think just building from this event, I think this is a real like landmark moment for Apex Esports. I think the biggest thing for me is how many people are tuning up to watch. Apex is very lucky as an Esport to have some of his biggest content creators as the top pros. Not a lot of people have that. So there's a natural following and a natural support for teams and individuals.

I think the more events we have across the world then that audience is going to grow. As Dan said you've seen some of the regions, I think Sweden was a big marker in the sand as well for regions that didn't get as much coverage as like EMEA or North America.

APAC North, APAC South are destroying, and showing that it's not just a case of supporting a region for the sake of it. There is a hell of a lot of talent there. I think the more LANs we have the more chance we get to see those regions shine."

Malystryx: You've been casting together for a long time, is a casting duo a bit like a long-term relationship in the sense it needs to be nurtured. Or does it come naturally at this point?

Dan Gaskin: "So we know each other very well. We can be very honest with each other. If one of us isn't necessarily being energetic enough or isn't researching enough we will always make sure we pull the other one through but I think that both of us are pretty good at staying on the same level and making sure we're putting in 100%."

Onset: "I think the biggest thing for me when I started looking for a co-caster was I was looking for someone who would work as hard as I do. Dan was just such an obvious choice. Sometimes you'll be tired, sometimes you're busy and you need someone to go, I don't care, we need to do the work so we're ready for an event.

I think there's that understanding between us. We can be like really honest with each other. It's very easy to get caught up in a bubble of 'oh, you're great'. And someone will tell you it but they're your friends so they're never gonna tell you otherwise. That honesty is important, especially as a commentary duo. I'm lucky to have Dan as that person."

What do you appreciate and admire most about each other's commentary?

Dan Gaskin: "Onset's energy, and the fact he can inject energy into any moment. Like he can build that crowd, he's going to get them excited. And whatever Onset does, he just has that voice. I think that I've always been a little bit jealous with his play-by-play, because your attention is just always on the moment as a viewer, because Onset builds up so well."

Onset: "The good thing about us is Dan's strengths are my weaknesses. So if there's any kind of mathematical equation that needs to be solved, whether it be points, numbers, anything like that anything analytical that Dan can handle it.

I get so caught up in the moment a lot of the time, and I'm just focusing literally on what's happening, Dan has the ability to step back and see the bigger picture, and paint the picture of the game, more than just the fight that we're seeing.

Having that contrast and that understanding with each other is so important. Dan will respect if we get to an end game, that it's going to be my call a lot of the time and I'll respect if I see something and I know it is Dan's time to shine. There's that trust in each other to provide what the crowd wants at the right moment."

Malystryx: That was really wholesome.

Onset: "That was difficult for us to say as English people, typically we sit there, just taking the piss out of each other." [laughs]

You can catch Onset and Dan Gaskin during the ALGS Championships 2022 Finals.