Shadow Royale is coming back to Apex Legends this October alongside more Limited Time Modes and Halloween themed cosmetics

The fan favorite Shadow Royale Halloween event is returning to Apex Legends this October for a full two weeks. The Fight or Fright events will run for the entire month alongside the release of some scary cool cosmetics and skins.

Shadow Royale is Back to Apex this Halloween

Apex Legends is bringing back the fan favorite Shadow Royale LTM with Olympus After Dark, a new eerie look for the floating city. The spooky limited time mode allows your teammates (and enemies) to endlessly respawn in shadow form after they’ve been killed until the entire trio is eliminated. Shadows can double jump, revive allies, run on walls, and pack an extra punch with their melee attacks. However, the shadows can be defeated easily with a bullet or a punch and they even drop some ammo when defeated. The event was first introduced in the 2020 Fight or Fright event and is hosted by a gleeful Revenant.

Respawn is also quickly bringing Gun Run back following its debut in the Beast of Prey Collection Event on September 20th, which may be a testament to its popularity. That LTM will be followed by the return of Control, a king of the hill style game mode that debuted in Season 12. All of the Fight or Fright LTMs will take place after the sun has set on the Apex Games, creating a new ghoulish atmosphere to the usual maps.

Fight or Fright Schedule

Fight or Fright schedule for the Apex Legends Halloween event:

  • Week 1: Shadow Royale on Olympus October 4th to October 11th
  • Week 2: Gun Run After Dark (Feat. Skulltown and Fragment East): October 11th to October 18th
  • Week 3: Control After Dark (Feat. Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs): October 18th to October 25th
  • Week 4: Shadow Royale on Olympus: o October 25th to November 1st

Spooky Store Restocks

From October 4th to November 1st, the Apex Legends store will be stocked with frighteningly fun Halloween-themed skins. Following, you can check a highlight of these is the Static Spike Bundle.

This Wattson recolor brings back one of the all-time best battle pass skins with a new orange and purple look. What's more, the store will be available for the entire Apex Shadow Royale event, ending on November 1st, and will feature a demonic Ash, a steampunk Octane, and a clown killer Caustic. Additionally, other store rotations will include the popular Voidwalker Wraith skin and Pathfinder’s Memoir Noir skin.

Fight or Fright special shop for Apex Shadow Royale event - Image via EA
Fight or Fright special shop for Apex Shadow Royale event - Image via EA
Fight or Fright special shop for Apex Shadow Royale event - Image via EA
Fight or Fright special shop for Apex Shadow Royale event - Image via EA

Lastly, the last two weeks of the Apex Shadow Royale event will have a plethora of returning skins, including the Wicked Harvest Bloodhound skin, the Old Town Mirage skin, and Muerte Rapida skin for Octane. 

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