Riot Games are making some additions to League of Legends with speculated PROJECT Mordekaiser skins and Prime Gaming Skin Shards.

Riot Games are making some additions to League of Legends with speculated PROJECT Mordekaiser skins and Prime Gaming Skin Shards.

Speculated PROJECT Mordekaiser entering the Gauntlet

The new speculated PROJECT Mordekaiser skin is not yet confirmed by Riot Games. However, in the gaming company's newest twitter teaser, a new skin for the League of Legends champion is likely. 

In the twitter teaser titled, “A New Threat is online”, a black and red figure can be seen. In his new PROJECT themed attire, a shot of Mordekaiser can be seen in the rainy puddles. As the music intensifies, a hulking Mordekaiser grabs onto his sword before the PROJECT logo appears on screen.

The Splash Art for the possible PROJECT Mordekaiser is currently making its rounds in the community.

The splash art depicted in the following tweet resembles a robotic and hulky bodysuit similar to the teaser video. In the background of the Splash Art, a figure similar to Program Lissandra can be seen. However, this is all speculation as of right now and not yet confirmed.

It is not entirely known which faction of the PROJECT series Mordekaiser will fall into. However, judging by the darker tones in the Splash Art, alongside PROGRAM Lissandra in the back, it is likely that he will fall into the PROGRAM category. If this happens, Mordekaiser will join the likes of Zed and Katarina. Thus, adding to the Command Line, looking to destroy the G/NETIC rebellion.

Currently, there are 17 existing PROJECT skins in League of Legends, while Mordekaiser would increase that to 18. With multiple skins and different factions in PROJECT, this makes it one of the most popular themes.

Prime Gaming skin shards are now in League of Legends

In other news, League of Legends will now add more Prime Gaming skin shards

Riot Games and Amazon Prime Gaming are looking to make 3 skin shards available each month. A prime gaming skin shard is available today for players to receive through Prime Gaming. The skin shard will be a champion you already own on your League of Legends account. 

If you are not a fan of the skin, you may reroll with other skin shards to add a permanent skin to your inventory.

To claim your skin shard, you need an Amazon Prime account linked to your League account. Click the blue “Claim Now” button on the Prime Gaming loot page after you’ve linked your Riot and Prime accounts. From there, launch League and enter the Hextech Crafting Menu to find your skin shard waiting for you under the “Materials” tab.

Riot and Amazon Prime Gaming make 23 skin shards

Prior to this release, 13 skin shards were available for LoL players through Prime Gaming. With 23 new prime gaming skin shards now available, the total now increases to 36 total shards. 

The 36 skin shards will be available for everyone through Amazon Prime Gaming until January 2022. This leaves around 7 months for players to claim these goodies through their Amazon Prime Accounts. The next skin shard will become available on May 21st.

Prime Gaming members can also take advantage of this joint partnership in other games like Destiny 2, Valorant and Apex: Legends.

Are you excited for all the new League of Legends additions? Will you be buying the possible PROJECT Mordekaiser skins? Or will you make use of the Amazon prime skin shards. Which one are you more excited for.
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