Riot Games has teased a new game mode, Replication in Valorant that allows users to replicate the same abilities and agents.

Riot Games has teased a new game mode for Valorant. True to its name, the Replication Game mode replicates agent abilities as well as allows more than one player to use the same agent.

What is the new Valorant Game mode?

The new Valorant game mode teaser highlights the A site on Breeze. Eleven (yes 11!) Brimstone’s smokes cover the expanse of the bombsite, bringing in chaos and excitement. 

So What does the Replication game mode bring to Valorant? Riot Games has not revealed many details about the new game mode, although the mode’s name provides some hints into the playstyle. Players should be able to replicate abilities (such as Grimstone’s Smokes). Multiple players might also be able to pick the same agent. Not only will this mode increase the chaos in a map, but also bring forth exciting gameplays and strategies.

The community reactions: Cautious Optimism but worried about performance

While the replication mode sounds very interesting, having multiple (even 11) abilities of the same nature going off across the map could result in performance issues. One of the most common reactions to the new game mode announcement has been of caution. Players are wary of the impact the game mode will have on their FPS and the game’s performance. 

Meanwhile, Riot Games is also working on a replay system for Valorant. A replay system will be a significant quality of life update for Valorant players who can then analyze their gameplay and possibly learn from better players as well.

Riot will reveal more details and a release date of the new game mode at a later date. Valorant fans should not expect the new game mode to be available in pro circuit. For now, Valorant fans can look forward to the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík, Iceland. The tournament starts on May 24 with ten of the best teams from across the world competing on LAN. 

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