Accept Winnity doesn’t sound as good, despite being more accurate

The results are in! The regional finals for APAC North and South finished strong this weekend with a marathon performance from the South and a sweeping victory by one team in the North. Since only eight teams from each region can secure their LAN position directly through the Regional Finals, it wasn’t surprising to see many teams in the lower positions push even harder than before to win.

Here are the results of the APAC North and South Regional Finals.

Reject Winnity win by a large margin

Reject Winnity swept the board in the regional finals for APAC North. The Japanese team won three of the six matches, with a whopping 15 kills in match 4. The team played cool and collected in the final zones of each match, securing the wins with well placed Wattson ultimates and clever usage of evac towers to gain height advantages. 

While Reject Winnity did experience the highest of highs, they also had the lowest of lows, going out in 20th in two of the six matches. However, their best games were astoundingly well played and their placement well earned.

Obly of Reject Winnity (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
Obly of Reject Winnity (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

This final performance caps off an extremely solid split for Reject Winnity, though in the overall standings they are still in second place behind FNATIC, whose dominant performance throughout the entire split secured them first place despite a middling placement in these regional finals. 

Crazy Raccoon and NORTHEPTION came in second and third, respectively, for the regional finals. Each team won one game at the very end of the set, which was especially important for NORTHEPTION. The final game gave NORTHEPTION the last push they needed into eighth place to qualify for LAN, edging out PULVEREX by a mere five points. 

The top eight APAC North teams

  • FNATIC - 142
  • KINOTROPE gaming - 119
  • RIDDLE ORDER - 105
  • HAO - 92
  • YOKOYARI - 86

Tom Yum Kung claim a final victory

While APAC North wrapped things up in a tidy six matches, APAC South instead opted for a marathon. The region played 10 matches in one session, with the final winner being Tom Yum Kung. The team reached the 50 points necessary for match point in match 6, but it was a tense four matches before they finally snatched victory in match 10.

These victories secured Tom Yum Kung a solid third place in the overall standings. 

Wonton Dumpling, the top performing team for the entire split, placed in second to finish up a very successful Split 1, followed by MDY-White in third for the Regional Finals. 

Z1CKKY of Tom Yum Kung (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
Z1CKKY of Tom Yum Kung (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

The most nail-biting placements came from HEROEZ and Akuma, with the latter missing out on the LAN cut off by a single point. The two teams were neck and neck for the majority of the Regional Finals, before HEROEZ earned 21 points in Match 8 to set themselves just barely ahead. Both Akuma and HEROEZ earned one point in the final match, meaning that either team could’ve edged out the other in the last minutes of Split 1. 

The top eight APAC South teams

  • Wonton Dumpling - 137
  • Legends Gaming - 121
  • Tom Yum Kung - 108
  • MDY-White - 94
  • Team Burger - 94
  • Serenity - 92
  • Boogie Boarders - 89
  • HEROEZ - 85

Teams now head to the Split 1 Playoffs LAN

So far, EA and Respawn have not announced where or when the Split 1 Playoffs will be. While suspense can be fun and tantalizing, many players need to receive visas and make travel arrangements which now seem likely to happen at the last minute. 

Hopefully an announcement is made soon and every player that qualified will be able to attend without issue. Congratulations to the eight teams from APAC North and South that secured their spots! 

We’ll all be looking forward to the regional powerhouses, Wonton Dumpling and FNATIC, to come head to head in the Split 1 Playoffs alongside teams from EMEA and NA.

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