Wonton Dumpling, FNATIC, maintain pole positions in APAC regions cover image

Wonton Dumpling, FNATIC, maintain pole positions in APAC regions

FNATIC asserts dominance once again.

After a short break through February, the Apex Legends Global Series is back for its second to last weekend in the APAC regions. Some underdog teams rallied with time running out for teams to secure their placements, while other dominant teams held their leads going into the Regional Finals.

This weekend was the last chance for APAC North and South teams to gain points before heading into the all important Regional Finals on March 10. For information on previous APAC matches, check out our coverage here!

FNATIC maintains a steady lead while DOSUKOI Impact goes on a winning streak

One major underdog performance came on March 1, Group A vs. Group C, with DOSUKOI Impact winning two matches, each with 14 kills. In the group standings for the day overall, DOSUKOI Impact held a 22 point lead on HAO in second place. Unfortunately, DOSUKOI failed to place consistently before popping off this weekend, meaning that in the overall standings for APAC North, they sit at 16th place. 

MOZE also performed well on March 1, with solid placements throughout the day and one juicy win in match 2 with 14 kills. The team currently sits at 6th in the overall standings, tied with SETOUCHI SPARKS, and only five points away from the teams in 8th and 9th.

satuki of FNATIC (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
satuki of FNATIC (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

March 2, Group B vs. Group C began with a strong showing from PULVEREX with a 14 kill game. Disappointingly, the team couldn’t follow up their performance and never placed above 7th place for the rest of the day. Unsurprisingly, group leader FNATIC performed well. Despite only winning a single match, FNATIC held their place in first. However, they were closely tied with KINOTROPE gaming, who also performed consistently throughout the day to gain points despite never winning a match.

FNATIC still holds a dominant lead on APAC North, with a wide berth of 23 points between them and REJECT WINNITY in second place. 

REJECT WINNITY and KINOTROPE gaming compete for second

The top five in the APAC North overall standings for this weekend are:

  • FNATIC - 132
  • KINOTROPE gaming - 103
  • HAO - 85

Legends Gaming kill a third of the lobby

The stand out game this weekend in APAC South has to be March 2, Group A vs. Group C, match 2. Legends Gaming dropped an insane 22 kill game with a first place win, gaining 34 points in that match alone. They later wrapped up the day with another win in match 6, with a relatively smaller kill count of seven. 

StrafingFlame of Legends Gaming (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
StrafingFlame of Legends Gaming (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

The second day of matches, Group B vs. Group C brought DreamFire to the top with one match win in game 6. This was definitely good for the Chinese team, as they are now placed sixth in the overall standings, only two points ahead of the three teams tied for 9th (HEROEZ, Akuma, and AGL). 

Wonton Dumping, the leaders of the leaderboard, won one match with a solid nine kills in Group A vs. Group C and won two matches in Group B vs. Group C. Overall, wonton dumpling placed consistently enough throughout both match days to retain their first place position in the overall leaderboard.

Generally, the APAC South leaderboard has stayed consistent in its top half, with the bottom half more in flux. That’ll make a very interesting final day on March 10, as most teams are only a point of two from each other. 

Wonton Dumpling takes the lead in APAC South

  • Wonton Dumpling - 116
  • Legends Gaming - 109
  • Boogie Boarders - 86
  • Tom Yum Kung - 83
  • Team Burger - 80

Season 20 sees ALGS meta shift

Before Season 20 of Apex Legends dropped with a radical new perk system, the meta for competitive was solidly Bangalore, Catalyst, and Conduit. However, now the Legends of choice for APAC North and South are Bangalore (she's here to stay), Bloodhound, Caustic, and Valkyrie. Just for comparison, Conduit's pick rate on Day 7 of Split 1 in APAC North was 43.33%. On Day 8, her pick rate was 5%.

Some Legends have remained consistent in their pick rate, like Wattson and Bangalore. However, other more surprising Legends have made a strong appearance, like Crypto and Valkyrie.

Season 20 of Apex Legends brought a new meta to comp play (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Season 20 of Apex Legends brought a new meta to comp play (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

This new season has created a new era of entertaining Legend metas, with Caustics once again roaming in the final zones and Lifelines pulling off clutch revives mid-fight. We're so back.

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