Apex’s new evolution collection event dropped today. Join us as we break down the new features and changes of the new event!

Rampart's evolution collection event bring tons of new content to World's Edge including new POI's and changes to both Arenas and Battle Royale.

The first collection event of season 10 dropped earlier today. As the event had a little bit of a rough start, players managed to get in and enjoy the new event and all its new features. With new skins, a new POI, changes and Rampart's takeover of Arenas, the Evolution collection event will be a blast.

Rampart's Takeover

The evolution collection event brings brand new content to the outlands, all centered around Rampart. The event brings great new skins, all with a futuristic vibe that accompanies Rampart's new Heirloom. Among the new content, Rampart got some much needed love in the patch notes, which you can check out in our patch analysis article.

On top of the great changes to the underused legend, there is a new POI in the new evolution collection event. Rampart's shop called Big-Maude is the newest POI on Worlds Edge. Located in near Lava City, the loot filled POI has 2 sections to it: the shop itself and some storage on the outskirts. The shop feels like a upgraded Mirage Voyage with a good combination of indoor cover and open area. While the outskirts gives a similar vibe to the Trainyards POI, just without the verticality.

Additionally, at the new POI, there is a kitted weapon vending machine. Using crafting materials, you can buy Custom modded paintball kitted weapons of different tiers. The weapons use a version of a hop up called the Graffiti mod, which was featured in season 5. The hop up increases mag size by 15%, decreases reload time by 25% and shoot randomized paint color rounds. The upgraded weapons can make this new POI a great new spot to rotate if your loot is lacking.

Rampart's Arenas Takeover

With the surging popularity of Arenas over the past 2 seasons, it was bound to happen that during new collection events new mechanics were to come. During the evolution collection event, some weapons in Arenas will be offered at special discounts. The discounted weapons replace the base version and make the un-upgraded weapon unavailable. Plus, it is quite refreshing to see Rampart instead of Ashe in the buy screen.

The evolutions collection event got off to a rocky start with servers struggling, but it seems like everyone is enjoying the new event. The outlands now have tons of new content in both game modes. Over the next year, events and content are bound to get better and better. For more Apex news and content, stick around on Esports.gg!