Apex Legends’ new Evolution collection event is planned to release soon with new cosmetics and new patch notes. Join us as we break down the patch notes!

Apex Legends' new Evolution Collection Event comes out on September 14th and brings new patch notes that'll shake Worlds Edge.

The new collection event brings a ton of new Rampart themed changes to Worlds Edge and Arenas. And like most other collection events, there come some new patch notes to help balance out the game. There are both Legend changes and weapon changes, but the quality legend changes balance out with the quantity of weapon changes.

Legend changes


The biggest change of the Evolution patch notes is that Rampart's minigun Sheila has gone mobile. She can now run around with the minigun out and fire. Although she only gets 1 magazine with it and a slightly longer spin up time, Sheila melts anyone and everyone. She can also set up Sheila like normally, as a stationary turret in which she gets infinite reloads.


Octane is still an insanely popular Legend, so to knock the stim junkie down a peg he's been nerfed. Frist is that the horizontal distance of the jump pad has been reduced by 10%, which simply means you don't go as far. Then, the passive ability of HP regen has been reduced to 1.0 HP per second (from 1.5 HP per second) . Although seemingly small nerfs, they are significant as they somewhat limit the hyper aggressive Octane playstyle.

Weapon changes


The bow got a couple of buffs along with some changes to Shatter caps in the Evolutions patch. The bow received a slight draw time reduction (0.02 seconds) and more ammo per stack and pickup (16 per brick and 32 total per stack). In terms of the shatter cap hop-up, there have been damage increases across the board. Short and medium draw got +2 damage (4 to 6, and 7 to 9) while the full draw went from 11 to 12.

30-30 Repeater

With the upgrade to shatter caps on the bow, it is only fair to the 30-30 Repeater to get similar upgrades. The ADS strafe speed got adjusted to match shotgun ADS movement while the hop-up is enabled. Additionally, the pellet damage multiplier went up to 50% (from 35%), so a big damage increase with the hop-up. Hopefully, these changes make the weapon more popular as it is barely used.

The L-Star

Everyone's new favorite LMG got a couple of nerfs in the Evolution patch as the weapon has been wreaking havoc. The cool-off time and overheat replacement time got increased which, in short, makes the weapon longer to reload. Then, the rounds before overheating have been reduced by 2 shots on all tiers (base and extended mags). Additionally, with increased prices in arenas, I am very thankful that nobody is starting first round in arenas with L-Stars.


The last big change in the Evolutions patch notes is that the EVA-8 and Mozambique's headshot multiplier got reduced. From 1.5 to 1.25, the weapons are now in line with the other shotguns. As the dev's explains, they are trying to make all the shotguns on the same power level, rather than one dominating over the others.

In the Evolutions patch there also has been a couple quality of life changes that are relatively minor. Shortened out of bounds timers, Red to gold swapping not needing to be held down, and Evo shields showing their health in deathboxes. Additionally, there are several bug fixes, but all are relatively minor.

But those are the biggest changes in the Evolutions collection event patch notes! Let us know what you think of the changes and stick around Esports.gg for more Apex news!