YUP are in with a LAN shout after a shock victory.

Team YUP snatched an ALGS Pro League win from TSM and Team Falcons, winning the days final game in style. The roster of Osivien, Dooplex and ProdigyAces started the day in rock bottom 30th place, but have now opened a narrow but real path to the Split 2 Playoffs.

Team Falcons, with their high standards, will be frustrated to only finish third. However, they are more than qualified for the Split 2 Playoffs and still had a solid showing.

YUP shock the ALGS with a huge win

No one was talking about YUP ahead of the ALGS Pro League beginning today. They languished at the bottom of the overall standings, and seemed down and out. However, in Apex Legends you can never write anyone off and YUP have sent a message loud and clear to the region today.

They won two games, one on each map, bouncing back from a really slow Split 2 so far. They would have finished down in 3rd, had it not been for a great clean up by ProdigyAces. The former TSM star has been around Apex Legends since the early days, and he called on all of his experience to stay calm in a chaotic final fight.

Playing Knockdown Shields to perfection, ProdigyAces was able to force SSG to remain in the zone, having their HP eaten away as they tried to fight YUP for the win.

YUP had great placement across the days games, grabbing significantly less kills than TSM and Falcons but still managing to finish top overall.

YUP have shot up into 21st, and have a small chance at making the top 12 and heading to the Split 2 Playoffs. They will need to keep winning ALGS matches, and will need to have a near perfect end to the League. However, they will be delighted to still have a chance and with confidence high, who knows what will happen next.

Yup lead the days ALGS top five:

  • YUP - 58
  • TSM - 57
  • Team Falcons - 56
  • Bored - 52
  • BLEED Esports - 47

Bloodhound Bangalore combo could be a think of the past

Bangalore had a 100% pickrate in todays ALGS Pro League games, with Bloodhound just behind at 95%. This combination has had a firm chokehold on the ALGS meta for several months. Not since Seer and Catalyst have we seen such a must-pick pair of legends.

This has not been a popular meta in the ALGS. End games are full of visual clutter, with Bloodhound players in Beast of the Hunt the only ones able to see clearly. Bangalore players are smoking for their Bloodhound to get hyper aggressive. The only counter to this is to also have a Bloodhound.

However, today should be the last day we see this 100%/95% pickrate in the ALGS. Tuesday's mid season Apex Legends update will see a number of changes to this synergy. Players will be highlighted in Bangalore smoke at close distances (20 meters or less). In addition, Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt will no longer get that heat seeking vision through smoke.

The next two weeks of scrims will show us how the meta will shake out, but this could finally be the changes to shift this uninspiring meta in the ALGS. Just pray for no Seer...