Oxygen Esports win the Code Red: Freedom $50k finals cover image

Oxygen Esports win the Code Red: Freedom $50k finals

Oxygen Esports are your Boom TV Code Red: Freedom Champions.

Oxygen Esports won the Boom TV Code Red Freedom $50k match point finals in an impressive six games. Netting a sizable $18k Oxygen Esports have made the best possible start to their ALGS Year 4 preparation.

They were pushed by Luminosity and Alliance, but were the only team to reach the match point threshold, winning the tournament at their first attempt.

This event was the first time we have seen Conduit and Storm Point in competition.

First competitive outings for Conduit and new Storm Point

All eyes were on how many teams would choose to use Conduit after her arrival into the Apex games. Naturally, some teams have been experimenting with the shield healer in scrims. However, with a share of $50k on the line teams may have chosen to stay with more tested legends.

A total of six teams, including the likes of TSM, used Conduit in the days games. She is proving effective in managing economy. Notably, teams don't get evo charge from shooting someone who has 'Conduit shields' which makes very favourable trades in early and mid game poke engagements.

Storm Point also got it's first proper run in competitive since the recent changes. Teams had shuffled drop spots as a result of the changes. TSM have moved to Lightning Rod, and found themselves contesting Meat Lovers.

The opening game ended at the new 'Wattsons Pylon'. The multi layered central building allowed several teams to post up, and the end game was packed and exciting until the very final circle.

Oxygen Esports swiftly take the title

It was a very impressive showing by Oxygen Esports. They found themselves in the top three in four of the six games. In addition, they averaged 6.5 kills per game, including a huge 16 kill game five.

It was reminiscent of the Oxygen Esports we saw take third place at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Oxygen have a great balance between finding strong positions, but also putting impressive kill totals down at the same time.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)
(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Their final game summed their style up perfectly. Oxygen Esports maneuvered themselves to the best spot in zone, at the very top of the kill between Zeus Station and The Wall. Their positioning essentially guaranteed them one of the simplest wins in competitive Apex history. They benefitted from other teams fighting. But, truthfully, there was no real way for any team to engage Oxygen and they were able to lurk on their high ground and swoop down to clean up and seal their first place.

Oxygen Esports are continuing to establish themselves as one of the leading teams in North America. Coming off the back of a breakthrough year in the ALGS, expectations will be high when the ALGS Pro League returns in late January.

Notably, like the majority of other teams, have continued to use Bangalore and Catalyst. The nerfs that arrived with Season 19 appear to have made a very minimal difference to the most popular two legends in competitive Apex.

Oxygen Esports lead Boom TV $50k top ten:

  • Oxygen Esports - 81*
  • Alliance - 61
  • LG Chivas - 51
  • Sentinels - 50
  • FaZe Clan - 49
  • OpTiC - 48
  • TSM - 45
  • DarkZero - 38
  • Outplayed - 34
  • SAD - 32

Are FaZe moving away from Snip3down?

Another major taking point was FaZe Clan playing with Xynew instead of Snip3down. There has been a lot of attention on the FaZe roster, from Battlefy 'leaks' to potential roster changes.

Snip3down has previously said on stream "We’re probably not playing together but until you hear otherwise it’s unofficial.” Frexs and Phony have continued to play with a range of other players in recent scrims.

As of now, it seems that Xynew is the leading candidate. He is a proven LAN champion, and a very capable player. FaZe are a sizable enough organisation to be able to release him from his contract at DarkZero also.

Xynew (Left) won the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Xynew (Left) won the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

DarkZero themselves were playing with Sikezz of XSET. This is however understood to be a substitute arrangement and not a signal that Sikezz is set to join Zer0 and Genburten.

Oxygen Esports will begin their ALGS Year 4 campaign when the Pro League begins in late January. Track all roster changes ahead of ALGS returning with our handy roster tracker. Then, for more coverage of the ALGS, stay with esports.gg.