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Oversight Esports announce Womens Series

What does this new Womens Series have in store?

Oversight Esports have announced their second tournament series in two days. The Oversight Womens Series will be the latest addition to a growing womens competitive scene. With organisations like TSM and DarkZero both having signed womens rosters, there is growing attention on the women's competitive circuit.

Following their announcement of the Oversight Pro Series, the tournament organiser will also be running a Womens Series.

This event will have a minimum $10k prize pool, and will provide consistent and sustained competition between a selected group of the best performing teams.

(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

How does the Oversight Womens Series work?

The Oversight Womens Series will follow a format very similar to how the ALGS Pro League works. The idea behind this is to add some stability to women's competitive. Currently, teams are often facing different opponents in different events.

The result of this is few storylines and rivalries. Teams cannot always build consistent strategies, and for fans competition can be hard to follow. This 30 team league format will change that to the benefit of those competing and watching.

The format explained:

The Oversight Womens Series will start on April 11, and run until June 20. Competition will take place once a week, on Thursday's.

  • Identical format to the ALGS Pro League. 30 teams, into 3 groups.
  • Each group faces off three times against the other two groups.
  • The 10th day of competition will be a final, amongst the top 10 teams from the 'Group Stage'.
  • The prize pool is at least $10,000, but Oversight hope to increase this through sponsorship.

How are teams chosen?

The Oversight Esports team will invite all 30 teams to the league, selecting them based on their performance in a wide range of other women's competitive events. They are considering past performances in the Queens Cup, Rose Cup, BoomTV, and Women's Circuit events.

The aim is the 30 best teams from the women's competitive scene all competing head to head over the coming months.

How to watch the Oversight Womens Series?

Just like the Oversight Pro Series, NiceWigg will once again be the official stream of this tournament. This opens up womens competitive Apex to a wider audience than ever before.

The format of this tournament and the exposure it will provide should provide a major boost to this growing scene. More organisations are understood to be considering signing a women's competitive Apex team, and the Oversight Womens Series might be all they need to take the plunge.