Oversight Pro Series: How to watch, how does it work? cover image

Oversight Pro Series: How to watch, how does it work?

Oversight are revolutionising ALGS Playoff preparation.

With the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs approaching, Oversight have announced their new Oversight Pro Series, designed to improve international scrims for players and fans.

The series will carry an impressive $20,000 prize pool, and will function as the primary practice for teams who have qualified for the Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles.

How does the event work and how can you follow along?

Oversight Pro Series: Format

The Oversight Pro Series will replace the international scrims format traditionally used in the build up to a LAN event in Apex Legends. Teams previously competed with no prizing, to settle drop spots and build macro ahead of regions colliding at LAN.

However, practice is practice, and the quality of these games could sometimes be so poor that they were essentially useless practice. Especially for teams who were not contesting for a drop spot. In fact, before last years Split 1 Playoff in London, NRG skipped international scrims entirely and still placed second overall at the event.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Now, the Oversight Pro Series will add prizing to teams practice. This will provide valuable income, and hugely improve the quality of competition.

How does it work?

The Oversight Pro Series will run between April 1-26. The 40 LAN qualified teams will take part, and will compete in the same four groups they are seeded into for the Playoff event.

There will be 2 blocks of scrims per day. The first at 7am PT (3pm BST), and the second at 9:30am PT (17:30 BST).

The series will be split into two ten day events. Teams will compete in a round robin format, facing other groups three times. Overall standings will then qualify the best 20 teams to compete for $10,000, on the 10th day of competition. This will happen two times across April.

How can I watch the Oversight Pro Series?

Oversight has partnered with NiceWigg, who will be the official broadcast for the entire event. He will watch party the scrims, with official access to show every teams POV.

You can watch that here:

However, many teams will also stream their own personal POV's as well. That means you can hang with your favourite team and their community as they battle for a share of the $20,000.

Oversight are making some major moves in the Apex Legends space. As part of their announcement today, they teased at some other projects coming in the near future. Hopefully, this Oversight Pro Series will make for fantastic competition as we count down to the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

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