The Apex Warriors collection event is here! Join us as we break down the our favorite items from the brand new event!

A brand new event has come to the outlands bringing with it Crypto’s Heirloom, the Control game mode and 24 new gorgeous skins. Released alongside the Next-Gen update, the Warrior event has tons of new features for Apex players. The Warriors event also marks the return of the Control game mode. A 9 versus 9 objective based game mode that was introduced this season.

Additionally, the event brings 24 gorgeous new gladiator themed skins and Crypto’s heirloom to Apex players. As per most Apex events, the staff had a debate regarding the new skins and which were the best. So, after much debate, we’ve brought our top 5 favorite items from the Warriors collection event in no particular order.’s Favorite skins!

Lifeline’s Little Trickster Emote

This is one of 2 emotes from the entire Warriors event. This adorable emote has Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone role playing as a puppy. D.O.C. hops around and jumps through hoops with Lifeline and it is absolutely heartwarming. Then, Lifeline finishes it off with some great pets for D.O.C. and you can feel nothing but joy for the two. Additionally the emote is Epic rarity, so it gets bonus points for being cheap compared to the legendary items.

Lifeline - Warriors event skin

The Cloud Surfer R-301 Skin

Another Epic rarity skin, this R-301 skin is one of’s Tom‘s personal favorite items from the Warriors event. The Prussian blue alongside the gold with highlights of red are a gorgeous color combination to have. Not to mention the sneaky but intimidating logo on the lower receiver gets some bonus points. The icing on top is that the skin goes hand in hand with the Haute hoplite skin.

Ash’s Synthetic Huntress skin

With the release of Apex Legends Mobile, there was tons of leaks including the next set of legends as well as upcoming skins. Ash’s Synthetic Huntress was among some of the leaked skins. However, even when we saw this skin coming, we were still amazed. The huge palette change from the typical dark Ash skins to the bright but menacing skin is phenomenal. Not to mention her face plate, which combines Maximus’ mask from the Gladiator movie with the fangs of a beast.

Warriors event skin - Synthetic Huntress

The Crooked Steps Mastiff skin

This Mastiff skin from the Warriors event is similar to the Raiders event’s Cerulean Blues wingman skin. And so, for the same reason, its one of our favorites. The skin also matches up well with Caustic’s skin from this event. However, as a standalone item, it’s gorgeous. With the armor plating throughout the shotgun, the bladed edge, and the wonderful color palette, it almost makes us want to exclusively use the Mastiff.

Octane’s Riding Dirty Skin

Last but not least is Octane’s new skin. This skin is a huge change up from the typical Octane skins and we are all for it. With the big change to his face covering, the skin doesn’t lose the identity of Octane. We still see the classic greens of our favorite adrenaline junkie. On top of the new headpiece, the shoulders are also a great addition. Especially with the neon green spikes coming out of them.

Octane - Apex Warriors Event skin

The Newest additions to the Mythics: Crypto’s Biwon Blade

The newest Legend of receive the illustrious heirloom is Crypto. By purchasing (or crafting) all the Warriors event items, you will receive the Biwon Blade bundle.

The Biwon Blade bundle includes the Heirloom itself, a banner pose and a voice line. The Biwon Blade is a unique heirloom among Legends, as it is a sword that also functions as a remote hacking device. Although the heirloom is exclusively for aesthetics, its pretty cool hacking and slashing Prowlers on Storm Point.

The Heirloom has tons of hidden and fun animations to discover, so hop in to Apex and try to see them all! As always, the Apex team that designs these skins have blown us all away yet again. We look forward to seeing what Apex has in store for us next. For more Apex content, stick around on!

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