Apex’s Raiders collection event is here! Hop on in as we break down the Esports.gg staff’s favorite items from the event!

Following the conclusion of the ALGS Pro League regional qualifiers, season 11’s first collection event is here! The Raiders collection event brings great new skins and the elusive Wattson heirloom! With 25 different items in the event, there are tons of great new options to customize your favorite weapons or legends. Like always, the team designing skins have outdone themselves again.

However, a great debate came up with the staff of Esports.gg about which are the best skins of the event. So, after much debate, we’ve brought our top 5 favorite items from the Raiders Collection Event in no particular order.

Esports.gg’s favorite skins!

Bloodhound’s Bird of a Feather emote

Bloodhound’s emotes are already pretty good, however, this Bloodhound emote takes the cake. Becoming a discount scarecrow in which Artur, Crypto’s drone, and an adorable Parrot all come to perch on Bloodhound is adorable. This scores bonus points with Esports.gg’s Malystryx’s bloodhound set, as the bird on Bloodhound’s chest goes hand in hand with the emote. On top of that, the emote is Epic rarity, so it gets more bonus points for being cheaper to craft (or buy) than the rest of the items from the Raiders collection event.

Revenant’s Legendary Burial at Sea skin

Revenant has some unique sets already, but the burial at sea skin is a strong contender for the most unique. Revenant’s skin from the Raiders event brings a Captain’s Mate-inspired skin that brings some great colors and traits to the murder bot. From the red skull-shaped shoulder blades to 2 pistols on his chest. However, the best part of the skin is the beard and hair. For the same reason Pathfinder with a beard would be equally hilarious, the idea that the deadliest murder-bot in the outlands has a beard and ponytail for no practical reason is quite funny.

The Wingman’s Cerulean Blues Skin

Part 1 of the matching set with Valkyrie’s Cloud Maurader skin, this Wingman skin is one of my personal favorites from the collection. The skin features engraved blades around the barrel, armor panels, and a unique color scheme that most other Wingman skins don’t have. Most other Wingman skins tend to be darker with bright highlights. However, the Cerulean Blues is the other way around, with bright blue and dark red highlights.

Valkyrie’s Cloud Marauder Skin

If the Cerulean Blues skin makes it onto this list, it’s fair that its matching skin also gets a spot. This Valkyrie skin features the expected bright colors from other Valkyrie skins, but with a Samurai spin on it. The bright blues of the various armor plates are complemented extremely well by the red undertones of the skin. Not to mention how well the artists incorporated Valkyries jetpack into the themes of the skin itself. This is by far my favorite Valkyrie skin, only followed by the Birthright skin.

The Skull and Crossfire EVA-8 Skin

A slept-on skin for sure, this EVA-8 skin from the Raiders event is absolutely gorgeous. Although the weapon itself hasn’t seen much love due to the various nerfs, the skin itself is great. The skin is similar to an oxymoron, where you get the roughness of piracy but the elegance of the color scheme. With the engraved floral design to the beautiful gold, black and white color combination. This is one of the better EVA-8 skins out there, plus its only epic rarity so its an easy steal!

The newest Heirloom, Wattson’s Energy Reader!

We can’t forget about the star of the Raiders collection event, Wattson’s long-awaited Heirloom! A personal favorite heirloom of Esports.gg’s Tom, Wattson’s Energy Reader is one of the most unique heirlooms out there. Dubbed the Barcode Scanner, Wattson’s heirloom is an energy reader that helps her on her quest for Nessy. Filled with great animations including one where she hugs a giant nessy doll (as seen below). Since Wattson’s release in season 2, the community as a whole has been waiting for her heirloom. And we are so glad it’s not another bladed weapon!

Huge shoutout to the entire Apex team for making a brand new 25 item collection filled with such amazing items. Each collection event somehow manages to outclass the previous one. How will the Apex team manage to top the Raiders collection event? Stick around on Esports.gg and we’ll let you know!

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