OpTic Gaming won their second ALGS Pro League gameday in a row. Scoring almost 100 points, the Green Wall dominated from start to finish.

OpTic Gaming steamrolled the ALGS Pro League, which returned after a three week hiatus. Dropped, Skittlecakes and Knoqd found consistency that could only be rivalled by OpTic's performance the last time these two groups met. OpTic Gaming have now won back to back ALGS weeks.


OpTic Gaming win their second week in a row

Even though OpTic Gaming haven't played in the ALGS Pro League for a month, it was like they had never been away. Their last performance saw them consistently make end games, but they could not close out a game victory. Today, OpTic Gaming struggled to do anything but find a victory, racking up three wins in the six games. A 50% win rate in a Battle Royale is not to be scoffed at.

OpTic Knoqd (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
OpTic Knoqd (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

These back to back game week victories has seen OpTic Gaming leap up the overall standings, and they are in a very strong position to qualify for the Split 2 Playoffs in London. Certainly, they are in a much stronger position than they were in the first split of the ALGS Pro League. Unlike teams like TSM, they are not relying on other teams and their fate rests entirely in their hands.

OpTiC deploy Catalyst to secure a clutch victory

Perhaps one of OpTic's best performances on the day came in game three. Earlier in the game, OpTic had made a high risk high reward Valkyrie ultimate into Fish Farms. Skyward Diving in the ALGS Pro League is risky at the best of times. However, the addition of Mirage's ship over Fish Farms essentially acts as aerial defence for the farm below. OpTic Gaming felt the impact of FaZe's presence on the ship, with two of the squad getting knocked as they dived into their building. Luckily, FaZe prioritised their high ground over the two kills and OpTic made a full reset.

OpTic have not appeared at LAN since the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
OpTic have not appeared at LAN since the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

This position was fully worth the risk. The final zone pulled just out into the water, and OpTic had a great position to manoeuvre towards the final circle. However, Meat Lovers sat on Mirage and oversaw the whole zone. It seemed to be a pretty run of the mill victory for that team, but OpTic had other ideas.

They presented an inch perfect example of the power that Catalysts Dark Veil can bring to final circles. Breaking sight lines with Meat Lovers, they were able to rotate into the centre of the zone.

While this move didn't win OpTic Gaming the game alone, their incredibly strong team fighting mechanics mean that if OpTic can get into a strong position, they'd back themselves to win any 3v3.

Momentum fully behind OpTic

Winning two ALGS weeks, even a month apart, is an almost unheard of feat in North America. OpTic Gaming are in incredible form, and will feel as confident as ever in their careers.

They have gone from strength to strength since the arrival of Dropped, and are back in their position as one of the top teams in North America.

Deja-Vu for TSM

Like OpTic, TSM also repeated their last performance from the last time groups A and B met. However, this was not a performance that TSM wanted to relive. They won their opening game comfortably. The old TSM was on full display, they somehow wormed their way out of a really tight spot. Worked their way onto the high ground of a Gale Station building, and racked up a huge kill total from all the teams below them.

Imperialhal guided TSM to a huge opening game (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Imperialhal guided TSM to a huge opening game (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

But, just like last time out, TSM failed to capitalise off their strong start. A mix of misfortune, miscommunication and hesitation saw TSM stumble in the remaining five games. They failed to progress past eighth in any of the final five games.

TSM needed a strong performance in every remaining week to get back into the top 10, and lock down a LAN spot without needing to win the Regional Finals. They posted seventh today, which isn't a bad result. However, it is not to the standard that TSM needed to really keep pace with the teams around them. Imperialhal acknowledged this on Twitter, tweeting that he will be doing a "watch party" for the upcoming LAN.

Due to the suspension of the ALGS Pro League last week, the schedule has been reshuffled. This has created a disparity in gameweeks played between teams in the overall standings. TSM currently sit inside the LAN spots, in 8th. Yet, they have played two gamedays more than FURIA, and once more than a lot of other teams around them. What will also worry TSM is that four teams ahead of them are in their group, and are significantly ahead of TSM's position.

Will TSM get to defend their trophy? (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Will TSM get to defend their trophy? (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Don't fully discount TSM however, if anyone could win the match point regional finals, it is them.

ALGS Pro League: overall top 10

  • OpTic Gaming - 72 (4 gamedays)
  • FaZe - 72 (5 gamedays)
  • Meat Lovers - 68 (5 gamedays)
  • Complexity - 67 (5 gamedays)
  • DarkZero - 67 (4 gamedays)
  • Wildcard - 65 (5 gamedays)
  • XSET - 60 (3 gamedays)
  • TSM - 51 (5 gamedays)
  • 100 Thieves - 48 (4 gamedays)
  • LANimals - 47 (5 gamedays)

The ALGS Pro League returns next week, with all eyes on how many places TSM could drop next weekend.

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