The ALGS Pro League has been suspended due to a series of serious errors in the game. Matches will resume next weekend instead.

All ALGS Pro League matches due to take place this weekend have been postponed. In a statement on Twitter, the ALGS team confirmed that this weekends round of matches would not take place, and are being rescheduled.

This announcement comes after weeks of complaints from Pro players about a range of impactful bugs. A patch to fix the issues, due to release yesterday, was postponed. This renewed pressure and outcry for the ALGS Pro League to be delayed.

Multiple errors impacting Apex Legends

There are several crucial bugs impacting top level play in the current version of Apex Legends. With the ALGS specialist build not in action this split, the ALGS Pro League is held on the live version of the game.

There is a serious bug that impacts audio on weapons and abilities. At times, no audio is played on any abilities, weapons or damage. Bangalore, a meta legend, and her Rolling Thunder are the most common causes of the bug.

There is also a bug with bullet tracers that sometimes occurs at the same time. The impact of this is that you can take significant damage, or even be completely killed, and not have any awareness is happening. At the very top level of Apex, audio cues more important than ever when so much is going on at once.

In addition to this, there is an issue with the Prowler SMG that prevents a player from 'Aiming Down Sights'. While the Prowler does have excellent hipfire, the current Bangalore meta and use of Digital Threat scopes renders the Prowler essentially unusable for players in the ALGS Pro League.

And for teams who land trials, such as XSET, there is a game changing issue with the loot. Somehow, Trials loot gets locked behind the dispenser and is only accessible via Loba. This is a huge nerf to those teams, with Trials being a very valuable spot when functioning correctly. It is not an early rotate spot that Loba is usually used from, forcing teams who land there to either contest for a new spot, forgo the loot or change up their legend choices.

Screenshot via @<a href="">Sineska</a> on Twitter
Screenshot via @Sineska on Twitter

ALGS Pro League reschedule games

ALGS have announced that this weekends matches will be rescheduled. However, they have also reportedly made it clear that this is a one off suspension. If the upcoming patch, rumoured to be rescheduled for Monday, does not fix the issues the ALGS Pro League will still resume next weekend.

The changes to each regions schedules are as follows.

  • APAC North: Match Day #2 (A vs. C) & #3 (B vs. C) will now take place on April 30th. The Regional Finals will be moved to May 6th.
  • EMEA and North America: Match Day #6 (B vs. C) will now take place on April 23rd. As a result of this, Match Day #8 (A vs. C) will now take place on April 29th.

APAC South and South America were not scheduled to compete this weekend and their schedule will remain unaffected.

Some players had also complained about these matches being scheduled on Easter Sunday. While not the reason for the postponement, this complaint has now also been addressed by the ALGS.

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