NRG are back.

NRG are the latest organisation to return to Apex Legends. They are joining the likes of Spacestation Gaming, Cloud 9 and Team Liquid in picking up Apex Legends rosters ahead of the Esports World Cup.

This move shows the huge impact that being at the Esports World Cup has had on Apex Legends esports. NRG, like lots of the teams who left the ALGS over the last couple of years expressed major concerns about Apex being a profitable space.

NRG Apex return marks huge shift in stance

"With the release of our team I can also confirm that NRG will not be fielding a roster for ALGS going forward. We feel EA/Respawn have not done enough to support orgs and made the tough call to take a step back."

However, now they are back in the game not even a year later. It is understood that NRG have been seeking a team in Apex Legends since prior to the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. The Esports World Cup being the driving factor behind their interest.

NRG re-entering Apex Legends feels like a landmark moment. Their departure shocked the game, and even forced EA to respond with a revitalised partnership programme. There was a lot of discourse around the future of the esport and the need for programmes like revenue sharing as a result of their exit.

Now, they are a hallmark of an Apex Legends esports rebirth. The Esports World Cup has brings a huge financial incentive to all its featured games. As a result, a large number of organisations are likely only in Apex Legends as a result of the games participation.

In itself, this would seem to indicate that EA would have no choice but to continue to be involved in the project going forward. Otherwise we will likely see a huge mass exodus of teams out of the ecosystem.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

NRG pick up FunFPS, Nocturnal and Reptar

When 'EX-SET' qualified for the Esports World Cup, it seemed almost inevitable that they would join an organisation very swiftly. Perhaps less than a weeks turnaround was ambitious, and this signing has moved very quickly.

Ignoring a blip in Split 1 of this years ALGS Pro League, NRG are getting an incredibly consistent Apex Legends squad. Nocturnal and FunFPS have incredibly consistent LAN qualification and placement records over their careers. This should mean that NRG pick up where they left off in Apex Legends. This team should be qualifying for LAN events and challenging at the top of the ALGS Pro League.

Reptar, back in competitive after a long absence, seems to be a great fit for this roster and the side hit the ground running in last weekends qualifier.

XSET's biggest struggle in Split 1 has already been resolved. They were repeatedly contested in the ALGS' latter stages. Now, with a new POI Draft System, that is not a factor to concern NRG fans when they make their Apex return in this weekends Pro League action.

North America is a very competitive region in the ALGS. However, the new NRG Apex Legends squad should be amongst the leading pack in Split 2.

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